For companies and/or claimants who have:

  • a claim against a sovereign or quasi-sovereign entity in a risk country arising from contract frustration or disregard of a guarantee by
    such (quasi-) sovereign entity;
  • a claim against a corporate entity in a risk country, i.e. debt issued or guaranteed by private corporate entities in these countries;
  • defaulted bank debt evidenced by loan documentation, letters of credit, promissory notes and bills of exchange issued and/or guaranteed by a central bank or other banks;
  • a claim against a state arising from inappropriate state activity such as expropriation, nationalisation, undue taxation, discrimination;
  • a claim related to cartel activity;
  • a claim related to securities fraud or other source of securities related liability

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If you are or represent an insurance company and/or ECA who:

  • has indemnified a claim under the insurance policy to your clients; and
  • is subrogated in the insured (or whole) part of the rights to recover the claim with the debtor; or
  • has a portfolio of paid-out claims for which a recovery solution is sought; and
  • wishes to outsource the recovery and collection process of such (portfolio of) claim(s).

Omni Bridgeway offers recovery services that lead to a solution and monetization of your subrogated rights. Our tailor-made solutions include funding of international litigation and arbitration, debt recovery and trade and investment of defaulted debt.

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If you are a lawyer:

  • working on a retainer fee; and
  • you are not able or willing to offer clients legal services on a contingency fee; but
  • your client(s) lack the financial requirements for litigation or arbitration in an international commercial or investment treaty dispute; or
  • you need funding for group claims such as cartel damages claims; or
  • you have a legal title that needs to be enforced 

Omni Bridgeway offers access to litigation and/or arbitration funding and intelligence via its Claim & Recovery Intelligence.

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What is a group claim?

A group claim is a claim of several or many individuals or companies who have claims arising from similar circumstances. Omni Bridgeway is specialised in funding and managing such claims and the ensuing recovery process for groups who have suffered damages, specifically in cartel and securities cases.


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