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Dr. Arndt Eversberg


Managing Director - Germany

Arndt Eversberg is Managing Director - Germany and responsible for business development in German speaking countries.

Dr. Arndt Eversberg has been at the helm of the German team since 2012. He has held leadership positions in the litigation funding market since 2000, including ten years as the managing director of Allianz ProzessFinanz as well as lead of the former ROLAND ProzessFinanz. 

Arndt is responsible for international funding projects focused on arbitration proceedings where he commands many years’ experience in all rules of arbitration. 

  • Author. Internationale Kaufverträge optimal gestalten. Gabler Verlag, 2003, since 2017. 
  • Author. German chapter of Getting the Deal Through. Law Business Research, Ltd.
  • Co-Author. Der Versicherungsprozess. Veith, Gräfe, Gebert. Nomos Verlag, 2019.

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