Weltweit führend in Prozessfinanzierung und juristischem Risikomanagement

Omni Bridgeway finanziert Prozesse und unterstützt bei der Durchsetzung von Ansprüchen. Wir begleiten unsere Kunden vom Verfahrensbeginn bis zur Vollstreckung und sind weltweit für sie vor Ort.

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Omni Bridgeway 35 years in business

Omni Bridgeway kann auf eine stolze Zahl finanzierter Rechtsstreitigkeiten und Vollstreckungsverfahren zurückschauen. Seit 1986 stehen wir im Dienst unser Kunden und arbeiten daran, bestmögliche Ergebnisse für diese zu erzielen. 2021 ist dabei ein besonders Jahr mit zahlreichen Jubiläen weltweit.

Wir treiben Ihren Erfolg an

Erfolgreiche Prozesse erfordern Fachwissen, Einsatz und Geschick. Unser Team bietet all diese Erfolgsfaktoren, um Ihre Ansprüche effizient zu realisieren. Wir sind einfallsreicher und zuverlässiger Partner für Einzelkläger, Unternehmen, Anwälte und Berater, die strategische Finanzlösungen suchen.


Prozessfinanzierung up to date

Bleiben Sie auf dem Laufenden über die neuesten Entwicklungen im Bereich der Prozessfinanzierung.

Law Commission calls for further submissions on draft procedure for class actions

The Aotearoa New Zealand Law Commission handed down its supplementary issues paper in its ongoing review of class actions and litigation funding in New Zealand and has confirmed its view that a statutory class action regime is desirable, observing that even those submitters who were sceptical of the benefits of class actions preferred the certainty of such reform.

Step by step: The nuts and bolts of the funding process, part two

In part two of our blog series about the legal finance process, Omni Bridgeway Associate Investment Manager Sarah Jacobson dives into the latter phases, including the negotiation of the funding agreement and what to expect from funders during the monitoring of a funded matter.

Step by step: The nuts and bolts of the funding process, part one

Omni Bridgeway Associate Investment Manager Sarah Jacobson addresses the litigation finance process in this 2-part step-by-step blog series. In part 1, she discusses NDAs, term sheets, the due diligence phase, and queries in specialized practice areas.

Champerty pops up again!

Champerty pops up again! Is it time to put the maintenance and champerty rules to the test? Senior Investment Manager, Jeremy Marshall shares his views.

A peek behind the appellate curtain: Advice for counsel from behind the bench

In our latest Beyond Hourly podcast, we get insight from behind the bench, where our guests offer attorneys practical tips on how best to navigate the appellate process.

'Super priority' rescue finance in Singapore

In what may prove to be a landmark decision for both of Singapore’s insolvency and litigation finance regimes, the Singapore High Court (HC) has ordered that Omni Bridgeway’s financing of an undisclosed private international arbitration be given super priority status in the context of a corporate restructuring.

Why Latin America is a Growing Region of Interest for Dispute Funders

Daniela Raz of Omni Bridgeway, Jose Astigarraga of Reed Smith, and Anna El-Erian of Gabriel Resources recently spoke to Annie Lespérance (Head of LatAm Group at Omni Bridgeway) about the development of the dispute finance market in Latin America.

Statutory price cap proposal: leaving victims of wrongdoing with nowhere to go

The Australian Government is considering the merits of legislating a minimum return to group members in funded class actions, potentially as high as 70 per cent of gross proceeds. The introduction of a 70 per cent minimum would be a completely arbitrary measure and is not supported by reference to any analysis of the negative implications for the funding of class actions or the risks being assumed by litigation funders.

The legal experts speak: Everything you wanted to know about funding (but were afraid to ask)

Omni Bridgeway’s Matt Harrison hosts an all-star panel of attorneys in this webinar brought by The Legal 500, where the most common questions about legal finance are discussed.

Did you read the last NDA you signed?

Did you read the last NDA you signed? Jeremy Marshall discusses the important UK Supreme Court decision in Harcus Sinclair LLP v Your Lawyers Limited and others and explains why an automatic e-signature could be very costly for lawyers and funders alike.