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Episode 29 - Brazilian Arbitration Trends

Brazil has become a truly sophisticated arbitration market and the number of industries and types of companies now embracing arbitration are growing fast. Read more to understand the rise of arbitrations in Brazil, trends affecting dispute resolution in the country, and the current and future role of dispute funding in the Brazilian arbitration market.

Episode 28 - A Peek Behind the Appellate Curtain

In our latest episode of Beyond Hourly, “A Peek Behind the Appellate Curtain,” Omni Bridgeway’s Amy Geise engages in a candid discussion with former Justice Scott Field and veteran clerk Marshall Bowen. Tip #1 for your oral argument? “No one cares about your outline.” Listen to the whole episode here.

Episode 22 - Negotiation strategies for commercial dispute resolution - how to set up for success – Part 2

This is part 2 of our podcast on negotiation strategies for commercial dispute resolution in which Omni Bridgeway’s Clive Bowman chats with Robert Bordone, a Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School. In Part 2, Clive and Bob discuss positional bargaining and alternative methods of negotiating and how to get around difficult behaviour from the other party. They also share key learnings from the globally renowned Harvard Negotiation Institute workshop.

Episode 13 - Interview with Omni Bridgeway's Tom Glasgow and Insolvency Practitioner Luke Furler

Omni Bridgeway’s Tom Glasgow and Insolvency Practitioner Luke Furler chat about the types of insolvency claims that are suitable for third-party funding, benefits of using a commercial third-party funder and practical aspects of the insolvency funding process. Tom is Omni Bridgeway’s Chief Investment Officer - Asia and Luke heads the Singapore office of leading independent restructuring, insolvency and advisory firm AJCapital Advisory.

Episode 11 - Legal Counsel Annie Lespérance interviews Associate Investment Manager Nickolas Tzoulas

Legal Counsel Annie Lespérance interviews Associate Investment Manager Nickolas Tzoulas to get the inside scoop on what this Omni Bridgeway-funded case means for litigants, lawyers and other professionals. This episode provides all the background and analysis you need in order to learn how the “Bluberi” decision can help minimize risks and maximize value for any piece of litigation.

Episode 7 - Interview with Omni Bridgeway's Sarah Tsou and Brian Fitzpatrick of Vanderbilt Law School

Bentham IMF Investment Manager and Legal Counsel, Sarah Tsou, talks with Professor Brian Fitzpatrick of Vanderbilt Law School about how third-party litigation funding serves as a private sector solution for enforcement of meritorious cases. We also discuss the application of ethical rules and common misconceptions, and Professor Fitzpatrick makes the “conservative case” for litigation funding and how it provides a market solution for leveling the playing field among litigants and aligning incentives.

Episode 6 - Interview with Chief Strategy Officer and CoFounder of LegalMation, Enoch Liang

Bentham IMF Chief Investment Officer-US, Allison Chock, talks with Enoch Liang, co-founder of LegalMation, a company which uses artificial intelligence to automate processes involving litigation tasks. Enoch explains how the tool can take a PDF of a legal complaint and analyze it to provide, within two minutes, an initial draft answer, affirmative defenses, targeted requests for production and interrogatories, and deposition notices.

Episode 1 - Interview with Stevens & Lee Shareholder, Nicholas F. Kajon

Bentham IMF investment manager and legal counsel, Jim Batson, talks with Nicholas F. Kajon, Co-Chair of Stevens & Lee LLP’s Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Department, Co-Chair of the firm’s Litigation Finance and Alternative Funding Group and a Member of its Litigation Group, about his experience negotiating multi-million-dollar agreements with litigation funders pertaining to both insolvency and other commercial litigation claims, and representing clients in funded matters.