Business Intelligence / Asset Tracing Manager

About Omni Bridgeway

Omni Bridgeway is the global leader in funding, managing and investing in legal claims and disputes, with expertise in both civil and common law systems, and operations spanning Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, the UK and the US. Omni Bridgeway offers capital and project management services for clients from case inception through to post-judgment enforcement and recovery. Since 1986 it has established a record of success for clients around the world.

Omni Bridgeway is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:OBL) and has the world’s largest dispute finance team, with 170+ talented professionals working from 19 offices across 11 countries. 

Context for this role hire

Having achieved impressive organic growth and international expansion, Omni Bridgeway is now looking for a Business Intelligence - Asset Tracing Manager - Financial Research Associate to support the Asia team of Investment Managers and Enforcement specialists. The Asia team consists of six Investment Managers and two Enforcement specialists. It has offices in Singapore and Hong Kong. The Investment Managers and Enforcement specialists are now supported by the global Asset Tracing team but due to the growth of the business in Asia, we are now looking for a specialist based in Singapore to become part of the global asset tracing team and to be the first point of contact for supporting the Asian team.

Position Overview

Job titleBusiness Intelligence - Asset Tracing Manager - Financial Research Associate
Office locationSingapore
Reports toRegional reporting to Chief Investment Officer Asia and functional reporting to Head of Asset tracing.
Direct reportsNone
Key relationships / stakeholdersAsia investment team and Global Asset Tracing/Business Intelligence team.

Position Summary

Review and assessment of legal claims by conducting and coordinating the analysis of financial, economic and legal intelligence (incl. through legal discovery) in order to advise on payment capacity and recoverability of the claim on the defendant. Responsibilities include analyzing corporate and legal structures, identifying cash-flows, unravelling international trade transactions and identifying supporting legal evidence. The analysis will be used to (a) support new litigation funding investment proposals which will be jointly prepared with the Investment Managers or (b) to support pending legal proceedings. Typical cases that are assessed are arbitration and cross-border claims, collective redress claims, non-performing loans and claim portfolio’s.

The position will involve intensive coordination with the global asset tracing team, contributing Asian intelligence to global investments and coordinating with the global team to seek support for Asian investments.

Key role responsibilities

  • Review and assessment of potential matters for litigation funding mainly against corporates but also against sovereign’s and individuals in order to advise on payment capacity and recoverability. 
  • Providing financial, economic and legal intelligence in support of prospective and pending national and international legal proceedings. 
  • Conducting research using financial, legal and other intelligence sources.
  • Coordinating third party intelligence providers and assessing their findings.
  • Development, maintenance and internal distribution of know-how relevant for the business of the company.

Required core capabilities

  • Academic degree in Business, legal or Finance. A thorough understanding of legal and financial business structures is essential. 
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin. Additional language skills are highly regarded.
  • 8 + years’ experience as senior associate, principal or team leader with an investigations/intelligence firm, forensics disputes firm or hedge fund in South East Asia.
  • Knowledge and experience with investigative sources, tools and approaches.
  • A network of contacts within the Asian investigative and intelligence industry.
  • Excellent writing skills and communication skills; demonstrated ability to understand and summarize information from multiple sources into a concise analysis and recommendation to the investment committees of Omni Bridgeway.
  • Experience with or knowledge of litigation finance or international legal proceedings would be an advantage.
  • Key personal competences: Analytical thinker, streetwise, creative and persistent. 

Benefits of joining our team

  • This is an excellent opportunity for a professional in the business or legal intelligence / investigations industry who wants to be more entrepreneurial and leave the hourly fee / fixed fee business model.  
  • Joining Omni Bridgeway offers the opportunity to be part of a talented and growing global team across 19 offices in Australia, Asia, the UK, EMEA and North America.
  • On offer is a competitive remuneration package which includes an annual cash bonus  incentive and the possibility to participate in a long term incentive (equity) program

How to apply

Interested candidates should if the criteria above have been met, send a cover letter and resume to: [email protected].