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Omni Bridgeway offers dispute finance from case inception through to post-judgment enforcement and recovery on a worldwide basis, providing local coverage across markets.

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The world’s largest funding team has decades of experience in maximising results for clients.


  • 20 years public listing
  • 20 years asset tracing
  • 20 years in Germany
  • 10 years in US
  • 5 years in Asia
  • 5 years in Canada
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Law Firms And Lawyers

Use litigation funding to monetize portfolios of arbitration and litigation claims or team with us for success fee based asset-tracing and judgment enforcement activities, especially when dealing with able but unwilling judgment debtors. Gain advantage and build business by representing clients using funding.


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Partner with us to turn legal claims and awards into revenue sources that boost the bottom line with mitigated cost and risk. Cover legal fees and other expenses using our financing in arbitrations and large-scale commercial disputes. 


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Insolvency Dispute Stakeholders

Employ our financing to maximize the value of litigation claims and create liquidity events.


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Benefiting from Experience

Track Record

30+ years’ record of success

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Cross-practice, cross-border know-how

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Case Studies

Solutions tailored to meet nuanced needs

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Global Reach

Financing and support where you need it

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Powering Your Potential Recoveries

Optimal outcomes in disputes, enforcement and recovery activities are achieved with specialty knowledge, commitment and street smarts. Our team is built to offer exactly that—serving as a formidable ally and an innovative and reliable partner for individuals, companies and professional advisers seeking strategic litigation funding solutions.

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Understanding Litigation Finance

Stay abreast of the latest developments in dispute resolution finance

How a strategic approach using litigation finance can help plaintiffs come out ahead against a bankrupt defendant

Know your options when pursuing litigation claims against a bankrupt defendant. In this Beyond Hourly podcast, learn how to obtain a successful outcome and how litigation finance can help maximize your recovery in this scenario.

Dispute funding in the U.K. and Singapore: A comparative review and looking ahead

Common law jurisdictions where third-party funding is in its nascent stage, such as Singapore, can look to jurisdictions with a more established third-party funding infrastructure, such as the U.K., to develop and refine its own regime. We engage in a comparative review of the development of litigation finance in the UK and Singapore and look ahead at how funding may continue to evolve there.

Hong Kong Law Reform Commission consultation on ‘outcome related fee structures’ for lawyers in arbitration – Omni Bridgeway submission

At present, Hong Kong lawyers are not permitted to charge fees based on the outcome of any proceedings. However, in some jurisdictions around the world, various forms of flexible fee structures are permitted. As Hong Kong is a leading centre for arbitration and wishes to preserve and promote its competitiveness with other popular arbitral seats, the Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong (Commission) established a sub-committee to make recommendations regarding ‘Outcome Related Fee Structures’ (ORFS).

As a financial freight train looms, litigation finance can help GCs step off the tracks and into the conductor’s seat

Legal teams globally are facing larger workloads and shrinking budgets, but general counsel can look to litigation finance as a solution.

Omni Bridgeway celebrates its anniversaries in North America with reflection, and predictions, on the state of the litigation finance industry

With a decade under our belt of operating in North America, we discuss our expansion in the region, how we’ve brought dispute funding services to claimants, firms, and companies, and predict what’s in store for the future of the litigation finance industry.

Litigation funding can maximize recoveries for federal equity receivers

Don’t settle for less - litigation funding offers federal receivers the ability to receive a much larger recovery than under a contingent fee arrangement.

New Zealand Feltex case highlights importance of choosing a reliable litigation funder

The Supreme Court of New Zealand has dismissed an application for leave to appeal an “unless” order striking out the proceedings unless the claimants’ provided security for costs by a certain date. The case was a multi-party action brought on behalf of some 3,600 investors in the failed carpet-maker, Feltex Carpets Ltd (Feltex). Despite the case being funded, the security was never provided and the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant leave has effectively brought the case to an end.

Looking Ahead: How Will the EU Representative Action Directive Affect Germany’s Class Action Regime?

The directive, adopted by the EU Commission on November 24th 2020, goes further into detail than the German Declaratory Action 2018 model. Companies are concerned a lawsuit industry is coming to Germany while consumer advocates welcome the new form of action hoping to gain a share of the profitable litigation industry.

Third-party funding and Shariah (Islamic) compliance

Third party funding (TPF) of disputes is now an established financial product in many jurisdictions around the world, including in Europe and the US. The use of TPF has also been growing in the Middle East, especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, with interest coming both from funders entering the market, as well as from claimants wishing to use external finance for their disputes.

Spotlight on Omni Bridgeway Trade Secrets Expert, Stephanie Southwick

Curious what criteria are considered when a company seeks litigation finance for its trade secrets matters? Our in-house trade secrets expert, Stephanie Southwick, shares insight into what funders look for as well as discusses the benefits of working with us.