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Omni Bridgeway offers dispute finance from case inception through to post-judgment enforcement and recovery on a worldwide basis, providing legal financing across markets.

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Omni Bridgeway 35 years in business

Since 1986, Omni Bridgeway has established a record of financing disputes and enforcement proceedings, and 2021 marks numerous anniversaries that reflect decades of delivering results for clients.

Powering Your Potential Recoveries

Optimal outcomes in disputes, enforcement and recovery activities are achieved with specialty knowledge, commitment and street smarts. Our team is built to offer exactly that—serving as a formidable ally and an innovative and reliable partner for individuals, companies and professional advisers seeking strategic funding solutions for litigation costs and legal financing.

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Understanding Litigation Finance

Stay abreast of the latest developments in dispute resolution finance, legal claims, law firm funding, and third party funding.

Champerty pops up again!

Champerty pops up again! Is it time to put the maintenance and champerty rules to the test? Senior Investment Manager, Jeremy Marshall shares his views.

A peek behind the appellate curtain: Advice for counsel from behind the bench

In our latest Beyond Hourly podcast, we get insight from behind the bench, where our guests offer attorneys practical tips on how best to navigate the appellate process.

'Super priority' rescue finance in Singapore

In what may prove to be a landmark decision for both of Singapore’s insolvency and litigation finance regimes, the Singapore High Court (HC) has ordered that Omni Bridgeway’s financing of an undisclosed private international arbitration be given super priority status in the context of a corporate restructuring.

Why Latin America is a Growing Region of Interest for Dispute Funders

Daniela Raz of Omni Bridgeway, Jose Astigarraga of Reed Smith, and Anna El-Erian of Gabriel Resources recently spoke to Annie Lespérance (Head of LatAm Group at Omni Bridgeway) about the development of the dispute finance market in Latin America.

Statutory price cap proposal: leaving victims of wrongdoing with nowhere to go

The Australian Government is considering the merits of legislating a minimum return to group members in funded class actions, potentially as high as 70 per cent of gross proceeds. The introduction of a 70 per cent minimum would be a completely arbitrary measure and is not supported by reference to any analysis of the negative implications for the funding of class actions or the risks being assumed by litigation funders.

The legal experts speak: Everything you wanted to know about funding (but were afraid to ask)

Omni Bridgeway’s Matt Harrison hosts an all-star panel of attorneys in this webinar brought by The Legal 500, where the most common questions about legal finance are discussed.

Did you read the last NDA you signed?

Did you read the last NDA you signed? Jeremy Marshall discusses the important UK Supreme Court decision in Harcus Sinclair LLP v Your Lawyers Limited and others and explains why an automatic e-signature could be very costly for lawyers and funders alike.

It’s the insurers, not class actions, driving D&O liability insurance premiums

Brick by brick, the claim that funded class actions are the primary driver of rising directors’ liability insurance premiums is being dismantled. Even more precarious is the claim that the Commonwealth Government’s continuous disclosure reforms are the answer and will result in enormous savings for Australian business.

Canada Modernizes its Model Bilateral Investment Treaty

We take a deep dive into Canada’s amendments to its Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement Model ("model FIPA"). For foreign investors or parties bringing claims under new investment treaties, we discuss the key procedural and substantive changes.

Inkasso-Sammelklagen zulässig – ein Freibrief für die gebündelte Geltendmachung von (finanzierten) Massenansprüchen?

Der Bundesgerichtshof hat mit – zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht in den Entscheidungsgründen vorliegenden – Urteil vom 13. Juli 2021 (Az. II ZR 84/20) entschieden, dass Abtretungen an einen Inkassodienstleister rechtswirksam sind und kein Verstoß gegen das Rechtsdienstleistungsgesetz („RDG“) vorliegt.