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Understanding Litigation Finance

Stay abreast of the latest developments in dispute resolution finance, legal claims, law firm funding, and third party funding.

Not just Class Actions: Dispute Finance adding value to Australian Corporate Transactions

In Australia, dispute finance has long been associated with class actions and access to justice. However, a paradigm shift is underway as well-heeled corporates begin to recognise the broader applications of dispute finance, particularly how it can be used as a sophisticated corporate finance and risk management tool.

Enforcement Case of the Month -- Tailwinds for Judgment Creditors: Reverse Veil Piercing Continues to Gain Steam in New York

Judgment and award creditors often fret that US courts are unfriendly and the tools to unravel complicated asset protection schemes are inadequate. In an encouraging ruling refuting this sentiment, the Southern District of New York recently reiterated its endorsement for reverse veil piercing as a remedy for unsatisfied judgment creditors seeking to hold corporate entities responsible for judgment liabilities of shareholders and directors.

Construction Claims Finance: Assessing and leveraging value, optimising cash flow, resolving claims at an early stage

In challenging economic conditions, construction businesses face intense pressure to maximise revenue and optimise cashflow. Legal claims are valuable assets in this context and should be prioritised. However, the upfront cost of advancing construction claims often prevents companies from doing so.