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Omni Bridgeway offers dispute finance from case inception through to post-judgment enforcement and recovery on a worldwide basis, providing legal financing across markets.

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Omni Bridgeway 35 years in business

Since 1986, Omni Bridgeway has established a record of financing disputes and enforcement proceedings, and 2021 marks numerous anniversaries that reflect decades of delivering results for clients.

Powering Your Potential Recoveries

Optimal outcomes in disputes, enforcement and recovery activities are achieved with specialty knowledge, commitment and street smarts. Our team is built to offer exactly that—serving as a formidable ally and an innovative and reliable partner for individuals, companies and professional advisers seeking strategic funding solutions for litigation costs and legal financing.

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Understanding Litigation Finance

Stay abreast of the latest developments in dispute resolution finance, legal claims, law firm funding, and third party funding.

The current approach to recovering third party funding costs in arbitration

Our experience is that arbitral tribunals are now increasingly familiar with funded parties (and third party funders) and so are more comfortable when faced with exercising their wide discretion to award Third Party Funding Costs.

Litigation finance drives profits for private equity and venture capital firms and their lawyers

The very nature of complex litigation is enough to give PE/VC investors pause. Omni Bridgeway offers the ability to assess the merits of cases across an entire PE/VC firm stable of companies and invest non-recourse capital in a portfolio comprised of those companies’ strongest potential claims and we lay out all the concerns and benefits facing investors and the difference Omni Bridgeway can make.

What lawyers and claimants should know about Brazil’s growing status as an arbitration hot spot

Annie Lespérance, Head of Omni Bridgeway’s Latin America Group, speaks with Fernando Merino of Steptoe & Johnson to discuss how the arbitration landscape has evolved in Brazil since the 1996 arbitration act, the increased use of dispute funding options in the area, and predict what’s to come in the next five to 10 years.