Reap the rewards of your hard-fought litigation battle and gain immediate access to capital by using Omni Bridgeway’s appeal financing.

We help you monetize a portion of a judgment while an appeal is pending in a dispute involving breach of contract, antitrust, breach of fiduciary duty, trade secret, copyright, trademark, patent and environmental claims or a complex business dispute.

Hiring a specialist appellate practice can be an expensive yet necessary means of preserving a judgment won in trial court. When an opponent is attempting to have the judgment overturned, we can equip you with the capital needed to ease the risk and stress of the circumstances. 

If you lost at trial and feel certain the court erred and the case will be remanded by an appellate panel, our financing could be key to helping you secure a substantial judgment on remand. With a defined trial record, Omni Bridgeway is able to quickly assess appeal funding opportunities presented by litigants and law firms owed monies from judgments.

Once obtained, the funding is yours—no matter the unpredictable turns the appeal takes.

Typical Uses

  • Paying legal fees and costs for expensive appellate litigation
  • Securing a portion of a judgment even as it’s appealed
  • Obtaining working capital







  • Non-recourse – not due for repayment in the event of unsuccessful results
  • Available for amounts up to 25% of the damage award
  • Affords immediate access to a portion of the judgment
  • Mitigates the risk and stress of seeing a judgment reversed or reduced
  • Includes additional case analysis by Omni Bridgeway and its network of appellate experts
  • Extends to disbursement funding and adverse costs cover in cost-shifting jurisdictions
  • Available for single appeals or portfolios of disputes





  • Judgment must be at least 4x the amount of funding requested, exclusive of punitive damages
  • Estimated time to final resolution must be two years or less
  • Strong prospects of the funded party achieving successful results in the dispute
  • Clear ability for the opposing party to pay (enforcement services available from our team)

How it Works

The process of applying for financing from Omni Bridgeway is easy and efficient. Contact us to discuss your funding needs and the assets intended for use as collateral. Our team will assess the opportunity and propose bespoke terms depending on the complexity and risk of the investment and your unique needs.


If you have a case that meets our criteria,
if you are interested please contact us.

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