Funding for Companies

Turn legal claims and judgments into revenue-generating assets with financing from Omni Bridgeway. 

Using our non-recourse funding enables companies to bring strong claims in the right disputes and pursue judgments and awards through collection with mitigated legal cost and risk.

Budget predictability and reduced likelihood of experiencing a negative balance sheet impact from disputes and enforcement activities become more possible using Omni Bridgeway’s financing. 

The non-recourse nature of the funding means that we receive a return on our investment only if success is achieved in the dispute or enforcement effort. While our funding cannot guarantee victory, it can allow companies to hire the best counsel and stay the course in pursuing optimal dispute and enforcement outcomes.

Additionally, investment capital from Omni Bridgeway can be recognized as revenue long before claims are finally adjudicated. This converts activities that could have decreased profitability for multiple years into lucrative assets, with the potential for even greater upsides from large recoveries.

Whether companies are seeking capital to experience one or more revenue events, increase liquidity or finance business objectives, our funding could be the solution. Our funding is also a form of legal risk management.

Typical Uses

  • Paying legal fees and costs for expensive litigation
  • Monetizing litigation assets and enforceable unpaid judgments
  • Obtaining working capital
  • Preserving resources and valuation
  • Moving litigation off corporate balance sheets
  • Pursuing legal recovery and work-out of judgments, arbitration awards and other legal claims, non-performing loans and distressed assets
  • Getting awards paid via the help of an expert team
  • Aligning incentives between claimants and legal counsel


  • Non-recourse – not due for repayment in the event of unsuccessful results
  • Suitable for companies across industries ranging from global market leaders and Fortune 500s to small businesses
  • Customizable based on need, including (in certain jurisdictions) as “seed financing” to obtain expert opinions on claim viability and as security for costs
  • Available for single cases and awards or portfolios of litigation and awards
  • Available at any stage of litigation and in most jurisdictions
  • Includes expert litigation/arbitration management services in jurisdictions outside of the U.S.
  • Extends to adverse costs in cost-shifting jurisdictions
  • Available for deployment at mutually agreed intervals


  • Typically available only for commercial cases unless the litigation arises in Germany
  • Strong prospects of the funded party achieving successful results in the dispute
  • Clear ability for the opposing party to pay (enforcement services available from our team)
  • Anticipated judgments exceeding 10x the requested funding amount

How it Works

The process of applying for financing from Omni Bridgeway is easy and efficient. Contact us directly or through your legal counsel to discuss your funding needs and the assets intended for use as collateral. Our team will assess the matter and propose bespoke terms depending on the complexity and risk of the investment and the unique needs of your business.


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