Law Firm Financing

Monetize your law firm’s expenses and anticipated fee income to smooth liquidity, mitigate risk, extend alternative fee arrangements to clients and generate new business.

With portfolio law firm funding from Omni Bridgeway, law firms can take on contingency legal fee cases and use them as revenue generating assets even as they litigate them.

Law firm funding is secured by the law firm’s potential fee income in three or more of the cases. It serves to cover a portion of the operating expenses in the cases, essentially converting the “full” contingency legal fee matters into “hybrid” matters in which the law firm earns a portion of the capital it would earn from the cases if it were handling them on an hourly fee basis.

Since our law firm financing is non-recourse capital, law firms retain the portfolio financing even if the portfolio of cases ultimately do not result in successful outcomes.

When contingency legal fees are collected from one or more of the cases in the portfolio, law firms pay a negotiated return to Omni Bridgeway according to the agreed terms of their particular portfolio financing agreement. 

This approach allows law firms to avail themselves of opportunities to earn more than they would earn in hourly-fee matters while lessening the risk of taking multiple cases on contingency.

Typical Uses

  • Sharing risk for law firms
  • Improving the bottom line and business operations
  • Delivering portfolio financing services at competitive prices in the legal industry
  • Smoothing law firms expenses
  • Increasing revenues and lawyers’ future payments 



  • Non-recourse portfolio and law firm funding
  • Available for diverse portfolio of cases and awards
  • Offsets operating expenses between recoveries
  • Available for portfolios containing disputes at any stage and in most jurisdictions
  • Available for portfolios of litigation financing claims focused solely on affirmative matters, or portfolios containing a combination of affirmative and defensive cases
  • Extends to disbursement portfolio funding and adverse costs cover in cost-shifting jurisdictions


  • Three or more cases in law firm’s portfolio
  • Strong prospects of success in portfolio cases
  • Portfolio cases brought against parties with ability to pay judgments and anticipated legal fees (enforcement services available from our team)

How it Works

The process of applying for law firm financing from third party litigation funder Omni Bridgeway is easy and efficient. Contact us to discuss your law firm funding needs and the assets intended for use as collateral. Our team will assess the opportunity and propose bespoke terms depending on the complexity and risk of the investment and the unique needs of your own firm.


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