Arbitration Financing

Get the resources, expert advice and global perspective you need to bridge the gap between having an arbitration claim that could yield financial recoveries and having a risk-mitigated means of pursuing it.

With a third party funder in Omni Bridgeway, you can pursue complex and complicated litigation financing  and arbitration matters before any mediation court trial without being financially burdened throughout the lengthy arbitration process.

Gain additional advantage from our arbitration financing team’s ability to analyse factors impacting claims and advise on navigating the nuances of the various arbitral institutions.

In a field of international arbitration debates, access to a worldwide team of experts affords considerable leverage to third party funders, claimants and counsel. Our international arbitration team spans more than 11 countries and is comprised of lawyers experienced in representing clients in international commercial arbitration hearings around the world before joining Omni Bridgeway. We offer 35+ years of country specific experience, cultural and political acumen, and prior case knowledge archived in our proprietary database and ready for application.

We know good claims when we see them and we’re primed to make successful pursuit of yours possible—from inception through to arbitration award enforcement.

Typical Uses

  • Provide third party funding to pay legal finance for expensive arbitration matters and investment treaty disputes
  • Monetizing commercial arbitration assets for business purposes
  • Paying adverse expenses
  • Obtaining sufficient capital
  • Preserving resources and valuation
  • Moving arbitration costs off company financial statements
  • Obtaining case relevant intelligence from Omni Bridgeway's research team
  • Aligning incentives between claimants and legal counsel
  • Enforcing arbitration awards
  • Award execution/monetization



  • Non-recourse – not due for repayment in the event of unsuccessful results
  • Aligns incentives between parties such as claimants, law firms and third party funders
  • Customizable based on need, including (in certain jurisdiction) as “seed financing” to obtain expert opinions on claim viability
  • Available for single matters and awards or portfolios containing multiple arbitration matters or a mix of commercial litigation and arbitration matters
  • Available at any stage of arbitration and before legal mediation trial
  • Includes expert international arbitration management services in districts outside of the U.S.
  • Extends to disbursements, such as legal finance, tribunal fees and expert reports, and adverse costs cover in cost-shifting jurisdictions
  • Available for deployment at mutually agreed intervals




  • Strong prospects of the funded party achieving successful results in the dispute
  • Clear ability for the opposing party to pay (enforcement services available from our team)
  • Anticipated awards exceeding 10x the requested funding amount for the funded party

How it Works

The process of applying for financing from Omni Bridgeway is easy and efficient. Contact us to discuss your third party funding needs and the assets intended for use as collateral. Our team will assess the opportunity and propose bespoke terms depending on the complexity and risk of the investment and your unique needs.


If you have a case that meets our criteria,
if you are interested please contact us.

Case Studies

Portfolio funding of London and Singapore seated international arbitrations, media and entertainment

We are funding a portfolio of international arbitration proceedings in London and Singapore, arising out of contractual disputes between a media and entertainment company and two of its customers, which are large telecommunications companies.

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One of Hong Kong's first funded international arbitrations

We are funding one of the first funded international arbitrations in Hong Kong since the Special Administration Region amended its Arbitration Ordinance (Cap. 609) to permit third party funding (effective February 2019).

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Capital Funding against African state

Working with a leading public international law firm in London, Omni Bridgeway successfully funded confidential international arbitration proceedings brought by a corporate SME against an African state for breach of contract relating to an energy project.

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International power production and engineering in an Asian state/Singapore arbitration, energy sector, state-owned entity

We are funding international dispute resolution in Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) against an Asian state-owned entity following a failed M&A transaction (corporate acquisition) in the energy sector.

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