General Counsel, EMEA

About Omni Bridgeway

Omni Bridgeway is a global leader in dispute resolution finance, with expertise in civil and common law legal and recovery systems, and operations spanning Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, the UK and the US.

Omni Bridgeway offers dispute finance from case inception through to post-judgment enforcement and recovery. Since 1986 it has established a proud record of funding disputes and enforcement proceedings around the world.

Omni Bridgeway is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:OBL) and includes the leading dispute funders formerly known as IMF Bentham Limited, Bentham IMF and ROLAND ProzessFinanz. It also includes a joint venture with IFC (part of the World Bank Group). Visit to learn more.

Context for this role hire

Having achieved impressive organic growth and international expansion, Omni Bridgeway is now seeking to increase its capability through the appointment of a General Counsel for the EMEA region. The GC EMEA role is highly important to Omni Bridgeway’s further enhancement of its regional position and its legal risk management. The successful candidate will be responsible for coordination, negotiation of legal terms and drafting of all investment documentation (term sheets, funding agreements, etc.), and will have an interest in executing and refining the compliance and risk management strategies of the company. Given this is a relatively small but growing global organisation, the role will also appeal to people who enjoy high-growth and international environments and are comfortable being both strategic and hands-on in the way they operate. The public ownership and international nature of the company will also appeal, given that these aspects bring increased challenge and responsibility. Candidates will also likely be interested in the business and practice of litigation funding as an alternative asset class in the investment management sector, together with the purpose of third-party funding and its societal benefits.

How to apply

Interested candidates should read the following position description and if our criteria has been met, send a cover letter and resume to: [email protected] (addressed to Mr Thijs Heerens)

Position Overview

Job title General Counsel, EMEA
Office location Amsterdam
Reports to Executive Director – EMEA, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary
Direct reports nil
Key relationships / stakeholders Coordinate with the Amsterdam based contract and compliance manager as well as with the Australia-based 5 FTE legal, risk and compliance team and the US general counsel.

Position Summary

The General Counsel is responsible for coordination, negotiation of legal terms and drafting of all investment documentation (term sheets, funding agreements, etc), and will have an interest in executing and refining the compliance and risk management strategies of the company.

Key role responsibilities

  • Drafting and coordinating dispute resolution funding / litigation funding arrangements and associated documentation - in conjunction with investment management teams for all investments in relevant geographies;
  • Supporting the documentation process of new fund documentation and monitoring the compliance with all existing documentation;
  • Supporting the investment management teams with any regulatory and documentary aspects;
  • Regulatory review - ensuring proper compliance by staff and that processes are followed in respect of applicable regulation;
  • Legal operations - working with GGC and other regional general counsel to develop and enhance legal operations across the group;
  • Projects - assisting on legal aspects of group projects;
  • Risk management - assisting with review, risk identification, management of operational and legal risks;
  • Supervising all material contracts;
  • Reviewing management policies and ensuring there is appropriate training & compliance with policies;
  • Managing external advisers on time and on budget in relation to any corporate engagements;
  • Any other duties which may be assigned to you from time to time, having regard to your skills, training and expertise.

Key role technical and behavioural competencies

  • Analytical thinking - ability to analyse information, identify key issues, and manage processes from inception to completion;
  • Relationship management - ability to develop mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders;
  • Communication - ability to create and deliver well-crafted verbal and written communication and reporting;
  • Collaboration - ability to work with others and contribute in a hands-on way towards achievement of a common goal;
  • Strategic leadership - ability to lead and direct to deliver business outcomes.

Required experience

  • 8+ years’ experience as attorney-at-law or in-house (general) counsel. Additional experience in litigation and/or fund structuring is highly regarded;
  • Expert in contract drafting, specifically financing / loan agreements and security rights;
  • Fluent in English and at least 1 other European language. Additional language skills are highly regarded;
  • Experience in the financial services sector and in particular asset management would be an advantage;
  • Business sense, with the ability to connect people and to look beyond the legal scope;
  • Demonstrated ability to positively impact culture;
  • Experience in inter-acting with a diverse team of technical experts across multiple jurisdictions;
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with and influence stakeholders.

Required education and qualifications

  • Civil law Master’s degree, ideally Dutch or Swiss law;
  • Additional education in complementary fields such as finance highly regarded.

Omni Bridgeway Values and Characteristics

Our Values
  • Transparency and accountability with clients, the industry, regulators, and our shareholders
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Partnership with lawyers and counsel to get the best outcome for clients
  • Client focus in terms of service and return
  • Fairness in the support of meritorious claims and to ensure that the investment process is characterised by good faith and fair dealing among claimants, counsel and the public, while providing increased access to justice
  • Rigour in our approach to case selection and management
Our Characteristics
  • Leadership – we lead by example and are working to build a more transparent, reputable and sustainable industry
  • Decisive - we evaluate and expedite the large and small decisions about risk and ongoing management of cases
  • Collaborative - we offer a fresh perspective to our clients and to one another, we are one company with offices on three continents
  • Approachable - we are open, honest and clear in all our business dealings
  • Ethical - our IMs and Legal Counsel hold themselves to the highest professional standards
  • Confident - we are self-assured and inspire the trust of our clients based on our track record, the quality and experience of our IMs and the know-how we share from our experience as international litigation funders
  • An acceptable level of risk associated with our incentives