Noah Wortman

Noah Wortman


Senior Manager, Collective Redress

Noah Wortman has extensive experience advocating for global investors, promoting corporate governance and investor stewardship, and implementing strategies to achieve collective redress.


Noah splits his time between Philadelphia and London with a global remit covering North America, UK and Europe, Australia and Asia. He strives to provide access to justice for global institutional investors (including financial institutions, superannuation schemes, asset managers and owners, and sovereign wealth and pension funds) and others via litigation funding strategies and teaming with highly qualified colleagues, counsel, experts and advisers across a myriad of areas and across the globe. These include global shareholder litigation (class/group, opt-out/direct, and opt-in), antitrust/competition/cartel litigation, complex financial or commercial litigation, global privacy/data breach litigation, and global patent litigation.

Noah was formerly Managing Director, Americas and Global Head of Class Action Services for London-based Goal Group. There he was responsible for the company’s operations and strategic vision in the Americas and led the company’s worldwide initiatives in securities and antitrust class action litigation services on behalf of its global institutional investor clientele. Before joining Goal Group, Noah served in similar roles at Stewarts Law and Kessler Topaz Meltzer & Check LLP helping global institutional investors exercise their rights to recover for their investment losses pursuant to securities laws in jurisdictions around the world.

Noah is a frequent speaker around the globe on the topic of shareholder legal redress, recovery, rights and responsibilities. He is also a member of several leading global institutional investor organizations and sits on the International Corporate Governance Network’s Shareholder Responsibilities Committee, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute’s Event Advisory Board, and the Council of Institutional Investors’ Markets Advisory Council.
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