Sandra Peters

Sandra Peters


Investment Manager, Legal Counsel

Sandra Peters is an Investment Manager and Legal Counsel and responsible for assessing and managing funded cases related to medical-malpractice law and insurance law.

Sandra contributes her experience to Omni Bridgeway’s business development through her extensive network and expertise as a former lawyer. 

Sandra re-joined Omni Bridgeway Germany in February of 2020, after she had left the company in 2018 to practice law again at a German law firm focusing on medical malpractice and specifically the laws governing damages for preventable birth defects. During this time she also completed the advanced training course (Fachanwalt) in medical-malpractice law. From 2014 to 2018, Sandra had been responsible for medical-malpractice cases at Omni Bridgeway Germany (at that time ROLAND ProzessFinanz) and, from 2011 to 2014, she had practiced law at a German law firm. She is also Prokurist (officer of the company vested with full commercial power of attorney) of Omni Bridgeway’s German operations.


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