Intellectual Property Insights


Litigation funding can empower you to advance your business goals while protecting the intellectual property that fuels your success. Omni Bridgeway’s Intellectual Property (IP) Insights compilation features articles, podcasts and blog posts addressing the host of opportunities that IP funding presents for claimants and their counsel.

Topics addressed include:

  • How case financing can provide claimants with the resources they need to unlock the value of their most important IP
  • Why the time is right for claimants of all sizes and types—large innovators, universities, and more—to partner with litigation funders to monetize their IP assets at little or no cost
  • How IP litigation funding can help in-house attorneys who are facing shrinking budgets and what Chief IP Counsel should consider when building a patent portfolio for potential investment
  • Insights shared by Steve Cherny, a leading patent litigator who holds the record for collecting the largest amount from a single patent infringement judgment ever, more than $2 billion
  • Thoughts from James Pooley, one of the world's leading experts in trade secret law and management, on litigation finance and how it fits into a trade secrets management program
  • Insights on patent litigation funding from Omni Bridgeway IP funding specialist, Sarah Tsou

Litigation in the intellectual property context

Parties engaged in intellectual property disputes have always been on the cutting edge of litigation funding because such cases fit the model perfectly: their potential value can be tremendous, but the road to recovery is often long, expensive, and uncertain. Too often, innovators are faced with a choice to either channel precious resources into litigation at the cost of investing in their business, or allow infringement to go unchecked and forgo substantial potential recoveries. Non-recourse litigation funding enables IP owners to enforce their most valuable IP without compromising their business goals.  

A versatile solution for IP claimants of all types

Once thought to be a tool for only small or impecunious companies, litigation funding has become widely adopted by IP claimants of all sizes and types. Even well-capitalized companies face increasing pressure to mitigate costs and keep budgets under control. At the same time, with IP damages awards at record highs and favorable shifts in the law for claimants, there is no better time to leverage IP assets for revenue generation. Operating and non-operating entities alike can benefit from partnering with litigation funders to monetize their IP claims at little or no cost. Indeed, some of the biggest awards in recent times have gone to universities that asserted their IP rights in litigation.

How litigation funding can be used

  • Paying legal fees and costs for patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark disputes
  • Monetizing litigation assets for business purposes
  • Obtaining working capital
  • Preserving resources and valuation
  • Moving litigation off corporate balance sheets
  • Aligning incentives between claimants and legal counsel

As one of the most experienced and global litigation funders in the world, Omni Bridgeway has an exceptional ability to extend financing and litigation expertise to assist claimants in cases around the world.

Please visit Omni Bridgeway’s Intellectual Property Funding page for additional information about our IP funding solutions and expertise.

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