Lars Cerdijn

Lars Cerdijn


Financial Controller EMEA

Lars Cerdijn is responsible for the management and preparation of Omni Bridgeway's reporting and financial statements. 

Before joining Omni Bridgeway, Lars served as auditor at Deloitte for more than 7 years and worked as an audit manager at a smaller company. 

Next to a pre-master, master and post-master degree in Accountancy from Business University Nyenrode, Netherlands, he brings a bachelor degree in Criminology from University Leiden, Netherlands and master degree in Forensics, Criminology and Law Enforcement from University Maastricht and he is registered as ‘aspirant financial forensic expert’ at the NFFI (Nederlands Financieel Forensisch Instituut).
  • Co-author. Wilsem, J. van, Arnold, E., Buren, C. van, Cerdijn, L., Plicht, D. van der, Missler, R., & Valentini, A. (2010). Is online zichtbaarheid riskant? Onterechte bankafschrijvingen en persoonlijke informatie op sociale netwerksites. In tijdschrift Proces, (89) 5, 344-354
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