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The current approach to recovering third party funding costs in arbitration

Our experience is that arbitral tribunals are now increasingly familiar with funded parties (and third party funders) and so are more comfortable when faced with exercising their wide discretion to award Third Party Funding Costs.

Litigation finance drives profits for private equity and venture capital firms and their lawyers

The very nature of complex litigation is enough to give PE/VC investors pause. Omni Bridgeway offers the ability to assess the merits of cases across an entire PE/VC firm stable of companies and invest non-recourse capital in a portfolio comprised of those companies’ strongest potential claims and we lay out all the concerns and benefits facing investors and the difference Omni Bridgeway can make.

What lawyers and claimants should know about Brazil’s growing status as an arbitration hot spot

Annie Lespérance, Head of Omni Bridgeway’s Latin America Group, speaks with Fernando Merino of Steptoe & Johnson to discuss how the arbitration landscape has evolved in Brazil since the 1996 arbitration act, the increased use of dispute funding options in the area, and predict what’s to come in the next five to 10 years.

Lloyd v Google – a return to first principles

From a funder’s perspective, data breach claims that are to be litigated in England need to be approached in the same way as any other collective group claim – you need to be able to demonstrate that each claimant has suffered a loss. Omni Bridgeway Senior Investment Manager Jeremy Marshall explains.

New law increases incentives for anti-money laundering whistleblowers—and prospects for funding

Omni Bridgeway investment manager Ken Epstein discusses how the Anti-Money Laundering Act can be beneficial to whistleblowers and explains how litigation finance may be utilized.

As litigation volume spikes in the US, law firm portfolio financing may help cover staffing shortfalls

Omni Bridgeway Investment Manager John Harabedian explains how law firms can smooth cash flow, enhance their alternative fee arrangement options to clients, and finance new hires and operational expenses with portfolio financing.

How legal finance can help claimants as patent disputes cross borders

As patent litigation has become increasingly global in recent years, the cost of managing complex IP matters has risen too. Omni Bridgeway investment manager Sarah Tsou discusses what considerations parties should keep in mind when handling cross-border matters and how we are well-suited to finance global patent disputes.

Law Commission calls for further submissions on draft procedure for class actions

The Aotearoa New Zealand Law Commission handed down its supplementary issues paper in its ongoing review of class actions and litigation funding in New Zealand and has confirmed its view that a statutory class action regime is desirable, observing that even those submitters who were sceptical of the benefits of class actions preferred the certainty of such reform.

Step by step: The nuts and bolts of the funding process, part two

In part two of our blog series about the legal finance process, Omni Bridgeway Associate Investment Manager Sarah Jacobson dives into the latter phases, including the negotiation of the funding agreement and what to expect from funders during the monitoring of a funded matter.

Step by step: The nuts and bolts of the funding process, part one

Omni Bridgeway Associate Investment Manager Sarah Jacobson addresses the litigation finance process in this 2-part step-by-step blog series. In part 1, she discusses NDAs, term sheets, the due diligence phase, and queries in specialized practice areas.



Fight goes on for COVID-hit businesses

Australian businesses trying to recover money they believe is owed to them by their insurers for COVID-related losses will continue their fight after today’s ruling in the Federal Court.
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Omni Bridgeway expands its team of US-based investment professionals

Omni Bridgeway (formerly known in the US as Bentham IMF) is pleased to announce a significant expansion of its US investment team to accommodate its growth in the world’s hottest legal finance market. In addition to adding four brand new investment professionals, we are thrilled to announce the promotion of four team members who have been key players on our US team.
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Omni Bridgeway funds appeal to recover tens of millions of dollars for 1000 Halifax victims

Around 1000 ‘Category 1 Investors’ in Halifax Investment Services Pty Ltd (in liq) and Halifax New Zealand Limited (in liq) (together, Halifax) will have the opportunity to recover tens of millions of dollars more of their funds caught up in the collapse of the stockbroking platform after Omni Bridgeway agreed to fund appeals over recent judgments in the Australian and New Zealand courts.
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Omni Bridgeway appoints new Head of Investor Relations

Omni Bridgeway is pleased to announce the appointment of Mel Buffier as Head of Investor Relations. Based in Sydney, Ms Buffier will be responsible for managing strategic communications and engagement with Omni Bridgeway’s global investors which includes the Group’s shareholders and its fund investors.
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Global litigation funder Omni Bridgeway offers funding to Folli Follie Bondholders

Omni Bridgeway is prepared to offer a litigation funding arrangement to holders of the Folli Follie Bonds issued by FF Group Finance Luxembourg II SA and guaranteed by Folli Follie Commercial Manufacturing and Technical S.A.. Alcimos Limited shall be cooperating with Omni Bridgeway in its efforts to assemble a group of claimants in relation to the proposed litigation funding arrangement.
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Omni Bridgeway continues its strategic global expansion with three senior hires in EMEA

Omni Bridgeway expands its global footprint with exciting new hires, Ms Anna-Maria Quinke and Dr Martin Metz join the team in Cologne Germany, and Camilla Godman joins the team in London.
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Omni Bridgeway now services Latin America

Making litigation finance solutions available around the world is a cornerstone of Omni Bridgeway’s business. The company is delighted to announce the formation of its Latin America Group, which will bring litigation and arbitration funding solutions and judgment enforcement and distressed debt capabilities to countries including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, and Peru.
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New Zealand combustible cladding class action filed in High Court

Omni Bridgeway and leading New Zealand law firm Russell McVeagh announce proceedings have commenced in the High Court of New Zealand against manufacturers of Alucobond PE core cladding products.
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Omni Bridgeway funds Australian inventor in IP infringement claim against Coca-Cola

Omni Bridgeway is pleased to support Australian innovation by financing a claim for local inventor Veraseal Pty Ltd against Coca-Cola over the alleged IP infringement of its drink container patent - helping Veraseal pursue its legal rights to protect its patented invention.
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Omni Bridgeway hires build on company’s expertise in corporate and IP funding and increase gender diversity on investment committee

Omni Bridgeway continues its US expansion with three new hires in New York, bringing on Megan Easley and Austin Ginnings as Legal Counsel and increasing gender diversity on its US investment committee with the addition of Martha E. Solinger.
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Ansprüche eines Energieunternehmens gegen einen europäischen Staat – dank Prozessfinanzierung kann unser Kunde seinen Betrieb weiterführen

Wir finanzierten für ein Ölunternehmen mit Sitz in den USA ein Schiedsverfahren vor dem International Court of Arbitration (Internationales Schiedsgericht) der International Chamber of Commerce (ICC, Internationale Handelskammer).

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Rechtsstreit über Öl und Gas in Albanien; Vollstreckungen in zahlreichen Ländern

Wir finanzierten für ein Tochterunternehmen eines großen Öl- und Gas-Konzerns ein Vollstreckungsverfahren gegen die Regierung von Albanien vor einem Schiedsgericht der International Chamber of Commerce (ICC, Internationale Handelskammer) in Rom.

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Anlegerklage gegen Novo Nordisk A/S

Wir finanzieren eine beabsichtigte Klage gegen das dänische Pharmaunternehmen Novo Nordisk A/S im Namen von institutionellen Anlegern. Die Kläger machen Entschädigungen aufgrund eines Kurseinbruchs an der Kopenhagener Börse geltend.

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Omni Bridgeway unterstützt Künstlerin mit Singapurs erster handelsrechtlicher Prozessfinanzierung

Omni Bridgeway finanziert einen Rechtsstreit, mit dem eine Künstlerin ihre Urheberrechte an Fotografien von Luxushotels feststellen lassen möchte. Dabei handelt es sich unseres Wissens um die erste handelsrechtliche Prozessfinanzierung in Singapur. In einem weiteren Verfahren vor den US-Gerichten fordert die Künstlerin außerdem Schadensersatz für Verstöße gegen ihr Urheberrecht, weil ihre Fotografien im Internet genutzt wurden.

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Ein Infrastrukturbauunternehmen wendet sich an Omni Bridgeway

Unser Kunde, ein Infrastrukturbauunternehmen, schloss mit einem afrikanischen Staat (über dessen Arbeitsministerium) eine Vereinbarung zur Sanierung einer Fahrbahn zwischen zwei Großstädten ab.

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Großer japanischer Händler treibt seine Forderungen gegenüber mexikanischem Stahlunternehmen AHMSA ein

Wir finanzierten einen Rechtsstreit mit einem Streitwert von 8,75 Mio. US-Dollar, in dem ein großer japanischer Händler gegen das mexikanische Stahlunternehmen Altos Hornos de Mexico S.A (AHMSA) klagte. Unser Kunde verlangte die Bezahlung von Walzenschleifausrüstung, nachdem AHMSA insolvent ging.

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Beyond Hourly Podcast

Tune in now to Omni Bridgeway’s BEYOND HOURLY podcast to learn about advancements in legal services that drive economic value.

Episode 29

Brazilian Arbitration Trends

Episode 28

A Peek Behind the Appellate Curtain

Episode 27

Impact de la pandémie sur les expertises en quantification de dommages.

Episode 26

How a strategic approach using litigation finance can help plaintiffs come out ahead against a bankrupt defendant


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Prozessfinanzierung für Unternehmen

Prozessfinanzierung hilft Unternehmen, ihre rechtlichen Ansprüche ohne Kosten und Risiko durchzusetzen. Sie erschließt den monetären Wert von Streitigkeiten, Urteilen und Schiedssprüchen und entlastet die Unternehmensbilanzen von Rechtskosten.


Jun 17, 2021

Die EU-Verbandsklage

Podiumsdiskussion, Livestream

Die EU-Verbandsklage kommt: Jetzt entscheidet das „Wie“ der Umsetzung über Erfolg oder Misserfolg

Die von der EU-Kommission im November 2020 verabschiedete Richtlinie geht in vielen Teilen weiter als die deutsche Musterfeststellungsklage. Unternehmen zeigen sich daher alarmiert und befürchten, dass eine Klageindustrie auf Deutschland zukommt. Verbraucherschützer dagegen begrüßen die neue Klageform und wünschen sich von der nationalen Umsetzung ein scharfes Schwert für die Durchsetzung der Rechte von Verbrauchern.

Unsere Podiumsdiskussion bringt Vertreter von allen Interessensgruppen zusammen. Sie diskutieren Stärken und Schwächen der Richtlinie zur EU-Verbandsklage und die mögliche nationale Umsetzung.

Nehmen Sie teil und diskutieren Sie mit! Hier gehts zum Livestream.

Die Diskussion moderiert:

Marc Chmielewski, Fachredakteur, Themenleiter Litigation, Co-Leiter JUVE Rechtsmarkt

Auf dem Podium diskutieren für Sie:

  • Michael Hummel, Justiziar, Referatsleiter Recht, Verbraucherzentrale Sachsen
  • Dina Komor, Rechtsanwältin, Senior Investment Manager, Omni Bridgeway
  • Marcel Kouskoutis, LL.M., Rechtsanwalt (Syndikusrechtsanwalt), Bereich Recht und Steuern, Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V. (VCI), Frankfurt
  • Dr. Petra Leupold, LL.M., Leiterin VKI-Akademie, Verein für Konsumenteninformation, Österreich / Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
  • Prof. Dr. Caroline Meller-Hannich, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
  • Dr. Stefan Rützel, Rechtsanwalt, Partner, Gleiss Lutz
Speaking: Dina Komor
Jan 24, 2022

PTAB as the First Hurdle to Patent Monetization: How Patent Owners and Litigation Financers Deal With This Omnipresent Threat


Virtual Event
Speaking: Sarah Tsou
Jan 25, 2022

Managing the cost of disputes and monetising claims: a primer on dispute funding and recovery

Presented by Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators (HKIArb)

Virtual Event

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