Litigation Finance: Extending the Branches of the Lending Tree

Money Tree Whether or not the American legal market is ready for commercial litigation funding, it is here and here to stay.  Although commercial litigation finance may be new in the States, Bentham IMF’s parent, Bentham IMF Ltd, is the world’s most experienced commercial litigation funder and has been funding cases in Australia and around the world since 2001.

Since opening its doors in 2011 in New York, Bentham IMF has been helping the financial underdogs in legal disputes to gain equal footing with defendants with deep pockets. By financing litigations, Bentham IMF assists clients and their lawyers in bringing their valid claims to court. The lawsuit financing pays for the expensive legal fees and costs. Bentham IMF’s team of seasoned litigators vigorously evaluates every claim on its merits and takes only about five percent of the cases presented to them.  As a result, the presence of Bentham IMF in the American legal market provides access to justice only for those with the most meritorious claims, putting to rest any fears that litigation financing will open the floodgates to frivolous lawsuits.

As the concept of alternative litigation financing becomes more popular and less scary, Bentham IMF stands ready to assist the U.S. market and has further made its presence known by the recent opening of its Los Angeles office.