Commercial Litigation Funding - The Arming of David

Litigation Funding - Put the Shot in Your Sling

In the age-old tale of “David and Goliath” no one believed that David could beat Goliath.  He was young and small, and armed with only a sling.  In the end, David won:  but against all the odds.  Imagine if David could have been armed with the most accurate rifle on the market, or if he could have hired a large army to fight with him.  Then his victory over the well-armed champion would not have been surprising at all.
Commercial litigation funding often supports the “Davids” in litigation, leveling the playing field in legal disputes.  There are many instances where an individual has a large commercial case that he cannot afford to prosecute, or a general counsel has no budget except that required to defend his company from lawsuits.
You may have an excellent case.  But you are inadequately prepared for battle against a proverbial giant in the courtroom.  You lack the money to pay your legal team, hire expert witnesses, and promote your case in the media.  You may be inexperienced with the legal process or how to evaluate a legal budget.  You may not know how to communicate with your lawyer so that he understands your goals.  You may not even know how to find the best lawyer to achieve the best result in your type of case.
All these concerns can disappear with a good litigation funder on your side. With a trusted litigation funder as your strategic partner, you can afford good counsel, hire expert witnesses, use public relations, or take the case to appeal, if necessary.  Although the litigation funder does not act as your lawyer, he can help you to put together and monitor your legal team.
Goliath thought David was a weakling. With a litigation funder on your side, you will no longer be the lightweight that your opponent can trample.  You will get the same access to justice that a Goliath has.  You will not have to fold early in the case because you cannot support the weight of the legal expenses.  You can persevere and attain the financial redress that your claims truly merit.