Top 10 Reasons to Choose Bentham IMF as Your Commercial Litigation Funder

Top 10

        1. Bentham IMF has the most experience in litigation funding
        2. Bentham IMF has delivered the greatest returns to its clients
        3. Bentham IMF is the industry's thought leader
        4. Bentham IMF is guided by principles of fairness and a code of best practices, aimed at protecting not only its own, but the claimants’ interests and attorneys' interests as well
        5. Bentham IMF has the longest publicly-available track record
        6. Bentham IMF has ample funds readily available to fund cases sitting in its own audited accounts
        7. Bentham IMF  pioneered the commercial litigation funding industry
        8. Bentham IMF’s staff are outstanding former trial lawyers who are well- equipped to understand your legal issues
        9. Bentham IMF performs extensive due diligence; its experts will confirm the merits of your case at Bentham's expense
        10. Bentham IMF’s outreach is global; it has offices around the world