What's in a Name?

Bentham IMF in Canada is a subsidiary of Bentham IMF Limited, a public company traded on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: IMF).  We are the oldest and most experienced commercial litigation funder in the world.

Our name reveals a lot about our place in the commercial litigation funding industry, as it combines two important aspects of our business. 

Jeremy Bentham was a British jurist and philosopher in the 18th century who championed social justice and the right to be heard in court.  Bentham opposed the prohibition against champerty and maintenance, and was an advocate of third-party funding as a means to access justice.  As the company carrying his name, Bentham IMF helps clients advance meritorious cases, particularly where the high costs of litigation could prevent the case from being ventilated in court.  Our vigorous vetting process ensures that only the most meritorious claims receive funding.

The second half of our moniker, Insolvency Management Funding (IMF), reflects our origin in the insolvency market.  Litigation may be an asset in an insolvent estate, but if the insolvency practitioner or the creditors do not have the capital or risk appetite to pursue that litigation, the claims may be unrealized.  Bentham IMF established its place in the industry by funding these types of claims, thereby increasing return to the insolvent estate, and ensuring that bad corporate behavior was not left unchecked. 

Bentham IMF is proud of the history behind our name, and continues to espouse these values in our Canadian operations.