Litigation Funders - A new source of referrals to grow your business

Working with well-established litigation funders can have unexpected benefits for law firms. Among those benefits are opportunities to receive referrals for new business. In our experience, referral opportunities arise most commonly in the following situations:

Unrepresented Parties

Often a plaintiff/claimant contacts us to inquire about funding before they have secured counsel. In one recent case, the plaintiff required representation right away to help secure a Temporary Restraining Order. Within hours, we found her a lawyer who was prepared to take the case for a reasonable fee and on short notice. Within a week of the plaintiff first contacting us, her new counsel obtained the TRO.

Law Firm Conflicts

We’ve worked with and built strong relationships with many law firms. As a result, firms that hold Bentham in high regard contact us to seek recommendations for counsel in cases they are unable to handle due to conflicts or another reason. One of our investment managers had such a matter recently and was able to provide recommendations to a plaintiff who was having a hard time finding a skilled lawyer who was also open to alternative fee arrangements.

Due Diligence

As a funding company, we hire law firms to help us with due diligence during our investment assessment process in select cases. We refer cases to firms that have demonstrated knowledge and expertise while acting as our due diligence counsel.

At Bentham IMF, we regularly refer matters to our network of contacts. We see giving referrals as a natural extension of our business, even where a case is not appropriate for funding. Litigants come to us looking for help in bringing their actions, and we help them however we can when their claims are compelling. Our relationships with excellent firms have allowed us to offer referrals in over 100 cases within the US and Canada.

We pride ourselves on our strong network and are always looking to build more relationships. We encourage commercial litigators to reach out to us to talk about how we can work together.