The Los Angeles Times Reports on Bentham IMF’s $300,000 Commitment to Fund UCI Civil Justice Research Institute

The Los Angeles Times reported on July 7, 2016 about Bentham IMF’s $300,000 commitment to fund a new Civil Justice Research Institute at the University of California, Irvine School of Law (“the Institute”). The LA Times reported in the article, “New UCI Civil Justice Research Institute Gets $550,000 in New Funding,” that the Institute has raised $1 million in funding overall.

Led by University of California, Irvine School of Law dean, Erwin Chemerinsky, the Institute will study factors that limit access to the United States court system. Allison Chock, Head of Bentham’s Los Angeles office and an Investment Manager and Legal Counsel with the company, commented, “We’re excited to be joining Dean Chemerinsky and UC Irvine School of Law in taking a disciplined look at the economic distortions in our system.” She added, “The institute will also look to the remedies that can help level the judicial playing field for litigants.” As reported in the article, Bentham will participate on the institute’s advisory board.

Ralph Sutton, Bentham’s Chief Investment Officer, noted in a May 9, 2016 press release that the company issued about the funding commitment, “UCI is the most exciting and innovative public law school in the nation. Just as UCI has rocketed to prominence, the Civil Justice Research Institute is expected to have a profound impact on legal scholarship. Dean Chemerinsky is among the nation’s most respected experts on constitutional law, and the Institute is his vision.”

“We are grateful for the support shown by Bentham in the launch of the Institute – not just in its financial backing but in its outspoken endorsement of our charter,” Dean Chemerinsky said in Bentham’s press release. “UCI Law’s Civil Justice Research Institute shares Bentham’s deep commitment to exploring how the doors to our civil justice system can be opened to all Americans.”