Funders Offer Claimants Benefits Beyond Financing

Financial support is the benefit most often sought by claimants who use third party litigation funding to pursue meritorious commercial litigation claims. The benefits of working with Bentham, however, also include additional advantages that can improve a claimant’s chances for litigation success.

Claim Assessment

Bentham’s team is comprised of former litigators with extensive experience in all phases of litigation. We are experts at evaluating cases based on their merits, likelihood of success and potential returns. We perform deep due diligence into each matter considered for funding. Claimants and their lawyers in effect obtain a free second opinion as a result of this process.

The last stage of the assessment process is a detailed review of the case by Bentham’s Investment Committee, which is comprised of experienced litigators and a retired judge.  A decision by the Committee to fund a case does not guarantee its success, but it does serve as a highly-educated, well-researched vote of confidence about the strength of the claims and the proposed litigation approach.

Strategic Counseling

As a passive investor, Bentham enjoys the opportunity to provide financing and receive a return on its investment from the proceeds of successful verdicts or settlements.

Claimants who receive our funding and the legal teams handling their cases have the option to consult our investment managers throughout the litigation process. While our funding is not contingent upon such consultation, many parties we work with appreciate the opportunity to use our experience Investment Managers as a strategic sounding board.

Access to our team, which collectively has funded more cases than any other commercial litigation funder, is a substantial and commonly-sought benefit. This is especially the case because our interests are aligned with the claimant’s, and our perspective is informed by many years of litigation experience.

In addition, as outside observers, we are detached from the minutae of the case from the case and can therefore offer fresh ideas. Ultimately, however, decisions about how to proceed are left entirely to the claimants we fund and the lawyers handling their cases. 

To learn more ways about how Bentham’s litigation experts and its funding options can help, contact us for a consultation.