Bentham Canada Across the Press Spectrum: Mainstream, Legal and Litigation Funding

We are delighted that litigation funding has recently been featured in the media with articles in the Financial Post, Slaw and the Litigation Finance Journal – a recognition of the growing understanding, acceptance and use of litigation funding in Canada.

Allison McNeely of Bloomberg wrote a piece - Now in Canada- A Company that Funds Lawsuits – that was featured on the front page of the Financial Post. The article looks at Bentham’s entry into the Canadian market and how litigation funding can be used to monetise litigation assets of an insolvent estate.

Experienced arbitrator Michael Erdle published an article in Slaw - Third Party Arbitration Funding - looking at the involvement of litigation funders in arbitration and the role of the tribunal in managing that involvement. Michael concluded that the Tribunal must look at each case and decide how to manage the arbitration process in the context of its own unique facts.

John Freund of the Litigation Finance Journal recently interviewed Bentham Canada’s Chief Investment Officer, Tania Sulan, about the burgeoning industry and Bentham’s business in Canada.

This diverse coverage represents the increasing appreciation of the many ways that litigation funding can assist clients and counsel, and we look forward to helping this industry grow.