Renowned British Judge to speak at IMF Bentham event in Hong Kong

Renowned British Judge to speak at IMF Bentham event in Hong Kong

Sir Rupert Jackson, former Lord Justice of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, will be guest speaker at an invitation-only twilight seminar hosted by IMF Bentham Limited on 20 September 2018, at the International Arbitration Centre in Hong Kong. 

A well-respected jurist and astute legal mind, Sir Rupert undertook a comprehensive review of England’s civil litigation system in 2009. His aim was to suggest reform that would enable justice to be provided at proportionate cost.  

Sir Rupert’s report, delivered in 2010, set out innovative proposals for the control of litigation costs. He suggested imposing cost budgets on litigants and their lawyers which would then be actively managed by the court. His initial review has since been followed by a supplemental report published in 2017 and together they form the “Jackson Reforms.”

His recommendations, many of which have been implemented or are in the process of being implemented are controversial. Sir Rupert proposed that only reasonable, budgeted and proportionate costs could be recovered by the successful party and suggested his reforms would incentivise law firms to work efficiently within set budgets. 

Sir Rupert will speak on cost management in arbitration at the IMF Bentham seminar in Hong Kong.

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