Recent articles and podcast highlighting value of litigation funding for insolvency matters

As the interest in litigation funding continues to grow, insolvency practitioners in Canada and the U.S. are increasingly considering its value. Litigation funding can assist in completing cases that were ongoing at the time of an insolvency, and can also be used to pursue cases that arise out of the insolvency. In each case, funding can unlock assets that might otherwise be left on the table.

Recent media discussing this trend include:

  1. Rebuilding Success, the magazine of the Canadian Institute of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP): Litigation Funding in Bankruptcy Cases

  2. New York Law Journal: Litigation Funding - An Essential Tool for Maximizing the Value of the Debtor's Estate
  3. American Bar Association Podcast: Examining Issuing Surrounding Commercial Litigation Finance in Bankruptcy
  4. Law Times: Insolvency Disputes: A Growing Area for Litigation Funding

To learn more about litigation funding or to discuss whether a specific circumstance could benefit from funding, please contact us.