IMF Bentham’s Tom Glasgow discusses enforcement of legal awards in Asia


IMF Bentham Ltd’s Tom Glasgow shared insights about enforcement of awards in Asia with online publication, Asset Recovery Hub.

Tom is IMF Bentham’s Chief Investment Officer (Asia) and is based in Singapore. He addressed the issues in this article with Bruno Vickers, Senior Director of Investigations at GPW Asia.

Tom discusses the importance for claimants to consider recovery at the outset of a dispute and to assess the respondents’ financial position. Tom also sets out some views on trends and developments in disputes and enforcement in Asia. These include the rise of complex international commercial disputes given the growth of cross-border investment into and within the region, especially in the energy, infrastructure, resources and technology sectors. Tom considers particular complexities that arise in the region and a clear trend towards the use of dispute finance by solvent corporations for risk mitigation, as well as cash flow benefits.

The full article is available here.


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