Litigation as an asset: dispute finance in the toolkit for corporate legal teams

Business Toolkit

Omni Bridgeway investment manager Leanne Meyer has participated in a podcast with Sacha Kirk, co-founder of Lawcadia, as part of its Fireside Chat series.

Leanne chats about her recent transition from general counsel to investment manager at global dispute funder Omni Bridgeway. She also discusses viewing litigation as an asset, the benefits of dispute finance to fund commercial litigation matters, and also how funders work with the legal team and their law firm.

Lawcadia is an innovative Legal Tech company that is headquartered in Australia and works with corporate and government in-house teams and law firms around the globe. Listen to the podcast below. 


Leanne joined Omni Bridgeway in February 2020, following 25 years' experience as a commercial litigator at Baker McKenzie and Gilbert+Tobin and, most recently, she was General Counsel for RSL NSW. She has also explained in a recent blog how dispute finance can help in-house counsel generate revenue and preserve cash for their business.