When counterfeits, kickbacks and fraud create an entirely corrupt supply chain

We funded two whistleblowers who uncovered a fraudulent scheme so vast, with inter-relationships between the bad actors so extensive, an entire supply chain was implicated.  
Within two months of being hired for a new job, one of two whistleblowers in the case began to see signs of a fraudulent scheme in actions taken by his employer and several other parties. A second whistleblower uncovered pieces of the same fraudulent scheme during the course of his employment as a government employee. What they uncovered was the production and smuggling of counterfeit hardware used to perform surgeries that were increasingly recommended and performed by participants in the scheme, many of whom were receiving kickbacks for their involvement. 

As the scheme made the surgeries increasingly common, despite a lack of definitive evidence establishing the efficacy of the procedure, the hospitals involved became prominent centers for the particular surgery. In addition to endangering the health of the patients undergoing the surgeries, the scheme perpetuated extensive insurance fraud and over-billing.  

Together, the two whistleblowers filed a suit pursuant to the state’s False Claims Act and Insurance Frauds Prevention Act. After they uncovered the fraud, the whistleblowers left their jobs and sought funding from Omni Bridgeway so that they could both pursue the lengthy process of litigating the cases and support new business ventures.