Omni Bridgeway invests in Japanese legal business to provide access to justice for Japanese claimants

Sydney, 16 July 2020: Omni Bridgeway Limited (ASX:OBL), announces a new legal finance facility and an equity investment in an exciting new Japanese business providing Japanese clients with access to justice, without the associated costs and risks of pursuing their claims.

These developments extend Omni Bridgeway’s global footprint and allows Japanese citizens to experience a service others have come to know and trust around the world. They also draw on Omni Bridgeway’s expertise in providing innovative LegalTech solutions and enhance the company’s portfolio of LegalTech investments.

Established in April 2015 by two highly-experienced lawyers, Japan Legal Network Co., Ltd (Japan Legal Network) offers finance service similar to After The Event (ATE) insurance for clients pursuing legal actions in the corporate and other sectors (such as employees seeking reimbursement of un-paid wages). The ATE finance covers claimants’ legal expenses and is novel for Japan.

Mr Yasufumi Minamitani, Representative Director and one of the founders of Japan Legal Network (previously an Attorney at leading Japanese law firm Nishimura Asahi and a business consultant at Boston Consulting Group), said: “Japanese claimants have traditionally not had an avenue to progress their legal rights while outsourcing the costs and risks to a finance institution at the same time. Japan Legal Network is the first service of this kind in Japan and provides clients with the capital and expertise to pursue their rights.”

Co-founder of Japan Legal Network, Mr Nobuhisa Hayano (previously an Attorney at leading Japanese Law firm Oh-ebashi Partners) added: “Thanks to Omni Bridgeway’s investment, we are assisting thousands of claimants in recovering their damages and advocating for a fairer society in Japan.“

Mr. Seiichiro Wada, Representative Director of Monex Ventures, Inc. who is a co-investor with Omni Bridgeway, said: “Although consultation services to lawyers and other experts have become widespread and access to justice has become easier in Japan, there are many cases in which victims have to give up filing a lawsuit due to the financial burden. We also believe that there are many people and corporations who have a legal problem, but are unable to take action due to their customs or beliefs. We hope that the finance service provided by Japan Legal Network will become widespread and facilitate the use of legal professional services and that it will help people and corporations struggling with legal issues to resolve them.

Tom Glasgow, Chief Investment Officer - Asia at Omni Bridgeway, said: “Omni Bridgeway has the largest team of its kind in Asia and the world and we are delighted to support Japan Legal Network and be at the forefront yet again of introducing new finance services to another part of Asia”.