Access appropriate resolutions for commercial disputes while continuing to generate revenues and engage in business as usual.  

Obtain funding to pursue breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, complex business, environmental, antitrust and other commercial cases.

Large-scale disputes often require large-scale investment. Omni Bridgeway’s commercial litigation financing makes it possible for companies and businesspeople to commit the resources needed to seek legal redress for wrongs suffered in the commercial context.

We focus specifically on claims that require significant investment, offering our financing on a non-recourse basis to parties looking to mitigate the financial risks of litigation. Let us help you get the capital you need to achieve the result you deserve. 

Typical Uses

  • Monetizing litigation assets for business purposes
  • Obtaining working capital
  • Preserving resources and valuation
  • Moving litigation off corporate balance sheets
  • Aligning incentives between claimants and legal counsel
  • Paying legal fees and costs for expensive litigation


  • Non-recourse – not due for repayment in the event of unsuccessful results
  • Aligns incentives between claimants, law firms and funder
  • Customizable based on need, including (in certain jurisdictions) as “seed financing” to obtain expert opinions on claim viability and as security for costs
  • Available for single cases and awards or portfolios of litigation and awards
  • Available at any stage of litigation and in most jurisdictions
  • Includes expert litigation/arbitration management services in jurisdictions outside of the US


  • Strong prospects of the funded party achieving successful results in the dispute
  • Clear ability for the opposing party to pay (enforcement services available from our team)
  • Anticipated judgments exceeding 10x the requested funding amount. 

How it Works

The process of applying for financing from Omni Bridgeway is easy and efficient. Contact us to discuss your funding needs and the assets intended for use as collateral. Our team will assess the opportunity and propose bespoke terms depending on the complexity and risk of the investment and your unique needs.


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