Cladding class actions in Australia and New Zealand gain momentum: register now

Aluminum Cladding

Omni Bridgeway Investment Manager, Gavin Beardsell was interviewed on film by Amanda Farmer, founder of Your Strata Property, on 27 July 2020.  In this follow-up to Gavin’s interview with Amanda in 2019 Gavin discusses the two class actions Omni Bridgeway is funding against the manufacturers of combustible cladding products: 

  • 3A Composites GmbH and Halifax Vogel Group  - the manufacturers of the Alucobond PE and Alucobond Plus products
  • Fairview Architectural – the manufacturer of the Vitrabond PE and Vitrabond FR products 

Both Australian class actions are open to public and private property owners, owners corporations and long-term leaseholders who have suffered or will suffer financial loss due to the need to remove and replace these particular cladding products or take other remedial measures. The two class actions seek compensation for owners of residential, commercial, mixed-use, and other non-residential buildings throughout Australia on which there is certain Alucobond and Vitrabond aluminium composite panel cladding, with a core comprised wholly or substantially of polyethylene.

In the podcast Gavin provides an update on the Alucobond Class Action, which he discussed in his 2019 interview, including 3A Composite’s failed attempt to shut down the class action or limit the number of participants in the action. Proceedings continue in the Federal Court of Australia in which Omni Bridgeway is funding William Roberts Lawyers who represent the lead claimant and class members. Gavin also discusses the Vitrabond Class Action, a second class action which Omni Bridgeway is funding, with William Roberts again representing the lead claimant and class members. 

Gavin explains how strata buildings across Australia can register for both class actions to ensure they are first in line to benefit, if there is a favourable outcome. Even if you don’t know which cladding type you have, you can still register, and Omni Bridgeway and William Roberts will assess whether your building is eligible to participate in the current class actions or any possible future class action. For more information or to register, visit Omni Bridgeway’s dedicated Australian Combustible Cladding Class Actions site.

In the interview, Gavin also discusses a potential combustible cladding class action in New Zealand which Omni Bridgeway is investigating for property owners who have Alucobond PE or Alucobond Plus cladding affixed to their buildings in New Zealand. Omni Bridgeway is working closely with New Zealand law firm, Russell McVeagh to find a representative plaintiff to bring the class action on their own behalf and on behalf building owners, owners corporations and public bodies across New Zealand. To find out more, visit Omni Bridgeway's New Zealand Combustible Class Actions site.

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