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Bentham IMF unveils new portfolio model for litigation funding

In the past year, the firm has committed $30 million in funding over 60 cases handled by seven law firms in New York, Washington, Los Angeles, New Jersey and London; matters include cases in insurance coverage, intellectual property, commercial disputes, whistleblower claims and art repatriation.
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Bentham IMF joins with other funders to counter US Chamber's proposal to amend Civil Rules

Bentham IMF joined with Burford Capital and Gerchen Keller in writing a letter to the Advisory Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure regarding an amendment to Federal Rule of Procedure 26. The letter, dated October 21, 2014 explains why the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform's proposed amendment to "require disclosure of third-party investments in litigation" is unnecessary, untimely, and contrary to the purpose of Rule 26.
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IMF Australia plaintiffs win against Lehman Brothers

In a judgment handed down on Friday, September 21, 2012, the Australian Federal Court found that Lehman Brothers Australia had breached its fiduciary duties to municipalities, charities and churches by selling them highly risky, “synthetic” collateralized debt obligations (SCDOs), which blew up in the housing crisis.
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