The services, either separately or combined, we offer worldwide to our clients range from:

  • Providing non-recourse risk funding for legal proceedings, to
  • Hands-on management of the cross-border enforcement, work-out and recovery of judgments, awards, non-performing loans and other legal claims, to
  • Purchasing and monetising judgments, awards, non-performing loans and other legal claims.

When providing these services, we also add value through our (enforcement) knowledge base and global network of specialised lawyers, business intelligence professionals and economic experts built up over our 30-year history in similar matters.

Typically, we offer our services in relation to:

  • Arbitration and litigation of commercial and international investment claims
  • Enforcement of monetary judgments and awards
  • Litigation of group claims, including collective redress of anti-trust claims and securities fraud actions
  • Purchase, monetisation and trading of judgments, awards, non-performing loans and other claims
  • Work-out of non-performing loans and assets
  • Recovery of insurance claims and subrogation rights
  • Funding, management and monetisation of insolvency claims
  • Provision of working capital and non-recourse risk funding for law firms and litigation departments of corporates
  • Structuring of tailor-made litigation finance and enforcement solutions for complex or a-typical situations. For example defence funding, adverse costs guarantees, recovery guarantees and advances, portfolio transactions, litigation backed funding, claims trading, claims securitisation, funding and enforcement advisory.