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Dispute funding for financially distressed companies

Ken Epstein of Omni Bridgeway, along with other panelists, provide valuable insight into the fundamentals of litigation finance and how it can be used by companies facing financial distress or insolvency in this Turnaround Time podcast.

Financial transparency the best policy for funders

As litigation finance continues to grow in international markets, the English Court of Appeal issued a judgment earlier this year sending a strong message that funders be well capitalised and transparent about their financial position. Alistair Croft discusses this recent case, as well as Omni Bridgeway’s stance on these matters as a listed company.

Negotiation strategies for commercial dispute resolution - how to set up for success – Part 2

This is part 2 of our podcast on negotiation strategies for commercial dispute resolution in which Omni Bridgeway’s Clive Bowman chats with Robert Bordone, a Senior Fellow at Harvard Law School. In Part 2, Clive and Bob discuss positional bargaining and alternative methods of negotiating and how to get around difficult behaviour from the other party. They also share key learnings from the globally renowned Harvard Negotiation Institute workshop.

Funding insolvency claims in Asia-Pacific

In this recent webinar panel discussion hosted by Lexology, Omni Bridgeway and an expert panel shared their insights and answered some of the most critical questions that companies, and lawyers have about using dispute finance for insolvency-related claims across Asia-Pacific.

In-house counsel insights into dispute finance

Many in-house counsel would consider using dispute finance for commercial claims according to a survey conducted by Omni Bridgeway at the 2020 Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) in-house Legal Virtual Conference, with the inability to afford litigation being the main factor influencing their decision.

Building a New Law Firm in Times of Uncertainty – Part II

In part 2 of this podcast series, “Building a New Law Firm in Times of Uncertainty,” Omni Bridgeway’s Jim Batson and Ariana Tadler of Tadler Law discuss the unique challenges facing firms during this pandemic as well as why diversity and inclusion are important factors for success.

Omni Bridgeway now services Latin America

Omni Bridgeway’s new Latin America Group will bring litigation and arbitration funding solutions, along with judgment enforcement and distressed debt capabilities, to countries including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia, Chile, and Peru.