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Five things to know about litigation funding

Litigation is inevitable, and when it happens, a prospective plaintiff needs to consider whether litigation funding will form part of their litigation strategy. Whether you’re a lawyer in private practice, in-house counsel, or corporate decision maker, a knowledge of litigation funding will put you in the best position to advise your client, the board, or the C-suite. Alexandra McVay, Associate Investment Manager with litigation funder IMF Bentham Limited details 5 key things you need to know when considering litigation funding.

The Mastercard judgment – a bumpy start for class actions in the UK?

A £14 billion class action against MasterCard in the UK's Competition Appeal Tribunal has been stopped in its tracks, following its failure to be certified as a 'collective proceeding'. IMF Bentham Investment Manager, Oliver Gayner, explains more about the recent decision and what it means for the new UK class action regime.

Achieving fair and efficient Class Action Settlements

Maurice Blackburn Principal, Rebecca Gilsenan, and UNSW Law Associate Professor, Michael Legg, recently presented a detailed report on class action settlement distribution schemes. The research was presented as part of the IMF Bentham Class Actions Research Initiative conference.

Do courts have the power to adjust litigation funders' returns?

A recent IMF Bentham and UNSW Class Action Conference examined 'hot topics' in class action litigation, including whether the courts have the power to adjust litigation funders’ contractual commission rates. IMF Bentham Senior Investment Manager, Wayne Attrill, summarises the points raised by Justice Michael Lee on this important topic.

Third Party Funding Opportunities in Singapore

IMF Bentham recently announced plans for an office in Singapore, following regulatory changes encouraging third-party funding in the region. Asian Legal Business spoke with IMF about the evolving third-party funding market in Singapore.

Developments in Common Fund Orders since QBE

In recent weeks the Federal Court granted a ‘common fund order’ during settlement approval of the Blairgowrie v Allco shareholder class action. IMF Bentham Investment Manager, Ewen McNee, discusses this recent development and the role courts play in settlement approval.

Show me the ... documents

IMF Bentham Investment Manager, Nathan Landis, details the information a Litigation Funder will look at when assessing a potential claim for funding.

SIAC’s new Investment Arbitration Rules – another step forward for funding in Asia

On 1 January 2017, the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) introduced the first edition of its Investment Arbitration Rules. Amongst the innovations, the Rules recognise that Third Party Funding (TPF) arrangements exist and confirm that Tribunals have the power to obtain information concerning such arrangements. In this post, Susanna Khouri, Oliver Gayner and Nathan Landis of IMF Bentham share their perspectives on the developments.