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Funder's fees put in context

The Murray Goulburn class action, taken on behalf of aggrieved unit holders in the dairy business and which settled late last year, has been cited repeatedly in the current Australian Parliamentary inquiry into class actions and litigation funding. To some, the returns generated by Omni Bridgeway, which funded the successful action, were too high. To others – including the one person in the best position to judge – they were reasonable. This article explains a number of critical factors that need to be considered.

The CFO perspective on dispute financing

The priorities and challenges that today's CFOs face are varied and complex. In a newly published Beyond Hourly podcast, Omni Bridgeway’s Group Chief Financial Officer Stuart Mitchell talks about what attracted him to the dispute finance industry and how dispute finance assists today’s CFOs address their priorities and challenges by converting litigation from an expense into an asset.

Litigation funding returns in Australian class actions - the facts

Omni Bridgeway has welcomed the Parliamentary inquiry into litigation funding and class actions that is currently underway in Australia. It provides an opportunity to improve the Australian class action system. However, opponents of litigation funding and class actions are using the inquiry to spread misinformation, in particular about returns generated by funders on successful actions. We set out some facts.

Investment treaty arbitration and dispute resolution finance

In this podcast, Omni Bridgeway Investment Manager and arbitration specialist, Nathan Landis, and Nick Gallus, Special Counsel with law firm Lipman Karas, discuss a range of issues relating to investment treaties between states and other entities, including the role of investment treaty arbitration to resolve any disputes that arise.