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Funders Offer Claimants Benefits Beyond Financing

Financial support is the benefit most often sought by claimants who use third party litigation funding to pursue meritorious commercial litigation claims. The benefits of working with Bentham, however, also include additional advantages that can improve a claimant’s chances for litigation success.

The Innovation Budget: Where Does Law Fit In?

Last week’s federal budget was touted as the “innovation budget”, and included commitments for clean technology, digital industries and health/bio-sciences. The budget also renewed discussion about where innovation plays a role in the practice of law.

Litigation Funding in Oil Country

This week Bentham IMF announced the opening of its tenth office, in Houston, Texas. Houston is one of the busiest litigation centres in the U.S., and benefits from Texans’ entrepreneurial approach to business.

Litigation Funding in 2017: Expected Trends From Below the 49th Parallel

In the United States, the litigation finance industry is more mature than in Canada; American law firms and clients often use funding to pursue meritorious commercial litigation. At the same time, the U.S. market is evolving quickly. In just five years since Bentham opened its first U.S. office, it represents approximately 50% of our cases worldwide.