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Bentham is delighted to announce exciting leadership developments

Since Bentham IMF commenced operations as the first commercial disputes funder in Canada, there has been significant growth in the number and range of clients looking to implement a litigation funding strategy. As the industry evolves in Canada and across the globe, Bentham IMF is delighted to announce exciting leadership developments.

High-interest litigation “loans” vs. non-recourse litigation funding

Last month’s Ontario Superior Court costs decision in a personal injury-type case, Davies v. Clarington (Municipality), caught our attention. It puts into sharp relief the differences between companies who offer loans for personal injury litigation and funders like Bentham who provide funding for corporate-commercial claims and class actions.

Partnering to add value

It's the season for partnership announcements, and the team at Bentham congratulates newly minted partners! As new partners look for ways to add value, it is worth considering the commercial litigation funding tools offered by Bentham.

Precedent Magazine: where innovation works

The litigators at Bentham IMF’s Toronto office do not have traditional legal jobs. And so, it’s fitting that they do not work in a traditional law office. Instead, the open concept brick-and-beam space represents a different approach. “As soon as I walked in here I knew this would be a creative, innovative and fun place to work,” says Bentham lawyer Paul Rand.

Three questions every company should ask before commencing litigation

When a company is considering whether to commence litigation, it will typically assess both the “soft” and “hard” factors at play/Lorsqu'une entreprise songe à intenter un recours judiciaire, elle évalue généralement les facteurs « intangibles » et les facteurs « tangibles » en jeu.