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Why is litigation funding so appealing to IP litigants?

Intellectual property is one of the most active areas for litigation funding. A recent survey in the U.S. by Law 360 found that 49% of counsel who had used a funder to finance their litigation did so in IP cases. What is it about litigation finance that appeals so much to IP litigants and their law firms?

Andrew Saker is profiled in The CEO Magazine

Andrew Saker, IMF Bentham CEO and Managing Director, recently sat down with The CEO Magazine’s Adrian Flores to discuss IMF Bentham’s business strategy and what it takes to lead Australia’s largest litigation funder.

Reflections and Projections

Bentham Canada has had an amazing 12 months. Chief Investment Officer, Tania Sulan looks back on this whirlwind second year, and to mark the start of her third year in Canada, she shares three reflections and three projections.