Omni Bridgeway hires build on company’s expertise in corporate and IP funding and increase gender diversity on investment committee

Allison K. Chock
Investment Committee Member and Director, Omni Bridgeway Management (USA) LLC | +1 213 550 2687 | [email protected]

NEW YORK, 18 September 2020: Omni Bridgeway continues its US expansion with three new hires in New York, bringing on Megan Easley and Austin Ginnings as Legal Counsel and increasing gender diversity on its US investment committee with the addition of Martha E. Solinger.

Allison K. Chock, Omni Bridgeway’s Chief Investment Officer-US, notes, “Omni Bridgeway has developed a team that delivers what sophisticated clients with meritorious claims need most: a thorough but rapid internal investment analysis. Our quick vetting process is made possible by pairing best-in-class general litigation and arbitration experience with specialization in those practice areas where demand for our financing solutions is high. These hires further distinguish us as the funder that prioritizes the needs of parties seeking commercial disputes funding and anticipates how to best serve them in the days ahead.”

Each of the legal counsel hires bring specialized expertise, enhancing Omni Bridgeway’s capabilities in corporate and intellectual property funding, respectively. Megan Easley is the third investment team member to join the company with experience working for a corporate legal department. Before joining Omni Bridgeway, she practiced law at Susman Godfrey LLP, focusing on representing plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation matters in federal and state courts. During her time with the firm, Megan was seconded to GE Capital where she spent four years in the role of Special Counsel and managed domestic and international litigation, directing outside counsel handling government and internal investigations and litigation with exposure of more than $1 billion.

Austin Ginnings adds to the company’s team of intellectual property funding specialists, which also includes former Kirkland & Ellis LLP partner and patent litigator, Sarah Tsou, and former boutique business and intellectual property firm managing partner and trade secrets litigator, Stephanie Southwick. Austin held a management role at an IP-focused investment and advisory firm before joining Omni Bridgeway. He previously practiced law at elite intellectual property firms Desmarais LLP and Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto, representing plaintiffs and defendants in patent infringement cases, including matters handled on a contingency fee basis. He also advised technology, life sciences and medical device companies on offensive and defensive patent portfolio strategies and IP portfolio development. Earlier in his career, Austin worked with the United States International Trade Commission addressing issues regarding IP and international trade disputes.

In their roles as legal counsel, Megan and Austin will conduct due diligence on potential investments and provide legal advice to Omni Bridgeway on matters of US law.

The company has also expanded its capabilities in making final decisions about disputes it assesses for investment. Martha E. Solinger brings to the Investment Committee decades of experience gained as the Managing Director of Global Litigation, Insurance and Intellectual Property at Lehman Brothers Inc. pre-bankruptcy, then more recently, as the Co-General Counsel of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. post-bankruptcy. In addition to adding substantial corporate and legal expertise to the committee, Martha helps the company progress towards its goal to increase diversity, becoming the first woman on the company’s US investment committee.