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Benefits of dispute finance for companies

Dispute finance helps companies pursue their legal rights without cost or risk. It unlocks the monetary value in disputes, judgments and arbitral awards and removes legal spend from corporate balance sheets. Businesses use Omni Bridgeway’s dispute finance to create value, conserve cash and reduce costs and risks. This video outlines the benefits for companies.

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Company and market insights from Tom Glasgow

Tom Glasgow, Managing Director and Co-Chief Investment Officer (APAC) shares insights into funding in Asia, alongside team members.

Lawdragon recognizes Omni Bridgeway’s talented team

Omni Bridgeway is the most recognised team in the 2022 Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders in Litigation Finance.

Spotlight Series l Tom Glasgow

Meet Tom Glasgow, Managing Director and Co-Chief Investment Officer - APAC

Growth of dispute funding in Asia

Dispute finance in Asia came to prominence in 2017 when both Hong Kong and Singapore introduced legislation to allow funding of international…

International Arbitration

International arbitration cases can cover multiple jurisdictions and legal systems, so you need a funder that is truly international, can assess the…

Who uses & benefits from dispute finance

In-house legal and finance teams, business leaders, insolvency practitioners, law firms and other professional advisers all rely on Omni Bridgeway's…

Three investment criteria that maximise returns to clients

When assessing cases to invest in, Omni Bridgeway looks at three key investment criteria that help maximise returns to clients

Dispute finance for restructuring & insolvency in Asia

When businesses falter or fail, Omni Bridgeway’s dispute finance is an essential tool in assisting companies facing liquidity stress and provides a…

Successfully enforcing an arbitral award across jurisdictions

Our European-based client had been trying to enforce an arbitral award against an East Asian counterparty for many years but to no avail.

Alleviating financial strain in high-stakes litigation

A small European company was facing financial difficulty in its $US20 million high-stakes dispute against a South East Asian state over unpaid…

Portfolio funding of London and Singapore seated international arbitrations

Our media client had a number of arbitration claims seated in London and Singapore of varying values against different respondents in multiple…

Access to justice for artist in copyright infringement claim

A talented inter-disciplinary artist and her trans-disciplinary creative studio were seeking to recover revenue and gain a declaration of copyright…

Client, lawyer and funder collaborate to achieve success in international arbitration

We formed a winning team with our client - a large Asian conglomerate - and their external lawyers in an international arbitration seated in Europe.

Dispute finance for companies

Omni Bridgeway’s dispute finance helps companies pursue their legal rights without cost, unlock the monetary value in disputes, judgments and…

Finance and management for judgment enforcement

Achieving a favourable judgment or arbitral award feels like success, until it isn’t honoured. Omni Bridgeway’s enforcement experts can help prevent…

Unwilling but able: how to successfully enforce favourable judgments or awards against evasive debtors

In a webinar for the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) Australia, Omni Bridgeway's Leanne Meyer and Head of Enforcement for Asia Marjolein van…

Webinar: Funding insolvency claims in Asia-Pacific

In this recent webinar panel discussion hosted by Lexology, Omni Bridgeway and an expert panel shared their insights and answered some of the most…

In Practise: What is a litigation case and how can third-party funding add value?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore explains what a litigation case is and how third-party funding can add value for companies in dispute.

In Practise: How are cases orginated?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore explains how cases typically come to funders.

In Practise: Why are relationships with law firms so important?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore discusses why relationships with law firms are key and the value and strategic insights Omni Bridgeway can bring.

In Practise: Where does the expertise lie between the funder and a law firm?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore talks about how we collaborate with law firms on a case.

In Practise: How do you choose a funder?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore explains the three core factors law firms should consider when choosing a litigation funding partner.

In Practise: What are the different fee arrangements?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore discuss some of the different fee arrangements according to jurisdiction between a funder and a law firm.

In Practise: How is due diligence carried out on a case?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore explains our process of conducting due diligence on a case before determining whether to proceed with funding.

In Practise: What is the typical commercial structure of a case?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore discusses Omni Bridgeway’s flexible pricing and commercial structures.

In Practise: How do funders provide strategic value?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore explains the strategic value funders can bring beyond just the capital.

In Practise: Why is enforcement and recovery so important?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore discusses the importance of recoverability in a case and the value of enforcement experience across different jurisdictions.

In Practise: Why is it beneficial for funders to keep due diligence in-house?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore explains the advantages experienced litigation funders such as Omni Bridgeway have in keeping due diligence in-house.

In Practise: What could the future hold for litigation finance?

Ruth Stackpool-Moore discusses what the future may hold for the litigation funding industry.