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Enforcement Case of the Month -- LLC You In Court: Recent Second Circuit Decision Affirms New York Law’s Creditor-Friendly Approach to Seizing LLC Membership Interests

Stubborn judgment debtors routinely look for ways to delay or increase the cost of collection. Aided by a vibrant “asset protection” industry in certain U.S. jurisdictions, they frequently turn to LLCs in those jurisdictions to retain the benefit of their property while shielding it from creditors, hoping that enforcement courts will defer to those states’ LLC acts and prevent turnover of membership interests. But a recent decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit provides some reason for optimism that, at least for debtors subject to personal jurisdiction in New York, these corporate shell games may not be entertained by courts in America’s financial hub.

The In-House View -- Litigation Funding and Corporate Insolvency: What In-House Counsel Need to Know

In-house legal counsel are key members of corporate teams and are often responsible for managing credit and insolvency related risks faced by their organizations. Particularly when insolvency and litigation risks converge, in house lawyers play a critical role in helping corporations make strategic decisions to optimize value. The following cases demonstrate how funding can provide unique and flexible solutions for both debtors with affirmative litigation claims and creditors with claims against insolvent corporations.

Not just Class Actions: Dispute Finance adding value to Australian Corporate Transactions

In Australia, dispute finance has long been associated with class actions and access to justice. However, a paradigm shift is underway as well-heeled corporates begin to recognise the broader applications of dispute finance, particularly how it can be used as a sophisticated corporate finance and risk management tool.

Enforcement Case of the Month -- Tailwinds for Judgment Creditors: Reverse Veil Piercing Continues to Gain Steam in New York

Judgment and award creditors often fret that US courts are unfriendly and the tools to unravel complicated asset protection schemes are inadequate. In an encouraging ruling refuting this sentiment, the Southern District of New York recently reiterated its endorsement for reverse veil piercing as a remedy for unsatisfied judgment creditors seeking to hold corporate entities responsible for judgment liabilities of shareholders and directors.

Construction Claims Finance: Assessing and leveraging value, optimising cash flow, resolving claims at an early stage

In challenging economic conditions, construction businesses face intense pressure to maximise revenue and optimise cashflow. Legal claims are valuable assets in this context and should be prioritised. However, the upfront cost of advancing construction claims often prevents companies from doing so.

The In-House View -- Crunching the Numbers: Using In-House Data Analytics to Prepare the Company’s Litigation Funding Request

Companies with affirmative claims increasingly are using litigation finance to pursue meritorious cases, reduce legal expenses, and manage financial risk. But not all funding requests are approved, and an application can be handicapped by an overly optimistic opinion about the potential recovery in a case or a casually prepared litigation budget.

Enforcement Case of the Month: Hamilton Reserve Bank v. Sri Lanka – Even Better for Sovereigns Than an International Bankruptcy Regime?

One of the significant risks that creditors weigh when deciding whether to lend money is bankruptcy risk: can the borrower use the bankruptcy laws to discharge the debt or compel the creditor to accept less than it bargained for? In the sovereign debt market, it has been an article of faith for creditors that states cannot file for bankruptcy and obtain such relief. But a recent ruling from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York—Hamilton Reserve Bank v. Sri Lanka—may cause creditors to question that faith, with uncertain consequences for sovereign creditors and borrowers alike.

Court of Appeal affirms Omni Bridgeway cost undertaking was good security for Singapore litigation proceedings

The Singapore Court of Appeal has upheld a decision by the Singapore High Court that a costs undertaking given by Omni Bridgeway was an adequate form of security for costs. The High Court decision was the first time a Singapore court has permitted a litigation funder to provide a costs undertaking as security. The Court of Appeal’s endorsement of the decision is another example of the Singapore judiciary’s continuing acceptance of third party dispute finance for court proceedings.

Arvindran Manoosegaran on the criteria litigation funders apply when considering funding crypto disputes

The In-House View -- More than a Lever: Partnering Litigation Finance with Legal Operations Divisions


Press Releases


Omni Bridgeway leads the litigation funding industry with the most recognitions in Chambers 2024

Omni Bridgeway is proud to be the leading litigation funder in the Chambers 2024 Litigation Support Guide with the most recognitions overall, and the most Band 1 rankings across the globe. Thank you to our clients and peers for your endorsement and continued support!
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Ruth Stackpool-Moore appointed to the role of Portfolio Manager – Global International Arbitration

Omni Bridgeway is delighted to announce the appointment of Ruth Stackpool-Moore as Portfolio Manager - Global International Arbitration, Senior Investment Manager.
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Omni Bridgeway announces US$485m first close of Funds 4 and 5 Series II capital raising

Omni Bridgeway is pleased to announce the first close of capital raising for the second series of its core funds, Fund 4 and Fund 5. The company anticipates further closings over the next 12 months to build up to the capped size of US$1bn across both funds and Omni Bridgeway will continue to be a 20% co-investor. This further capital raising will be aimed at broadening our private capital investor base.
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Omni Bridgeway completes innovative secondary market transaction involving an IP portfolio

Omni Bridgeway is pleased to announce the sale of a 25% interest in a portfolio of 15 intellectual property (IP) investments in the company’s Fund 4 to an affiliate of GLS Capital Partners for an initial amount of US$21.5 million, representing a multiple on invested capital (MOIC) of 2.0x of the apportioned aggregated deployments to date across over US$100 million in total committed capital in the investments.
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Omni Bridgeway more than doubles the size of its London investment team

Omni Bridgeway is pleased to announce a substantial expansion of its operations in the UK with the addition of six individuals in London, bringing the total team to 11. All the new hires have significant experience in legal finance.
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Omni Bridgeway leads the litigation funding industry with the most recognitions in Chambers 2023

Omni Bridgeway is proud to be the leading litigation funder in the Chambers 2023 Litigation Support Guide with the most recognitions overall, and the most Band 1 rankings across the globe. Thank you to our clients and peers for your endorsement and continued support!
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Omni Bridgeway announces U.S. legal industry leaders appointed to its Investment Committee

We welcome renowned legal industry professionals Leora Benami and the Hon. Winifred Smith (Ret.) to our Investment Committee. Their experience and insight will be invaluable to our investment process, ensuring we continue to set the benchmark for the highest standards in the industry.
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Omni Bridgeway launches in Italy, welcomes Giacomo Serra Zanetti

Omni Bridgeway is delighted to announce our expansion into Italy with a new Milan office and the addition of Giacomo Serra Zanetti as Investment Manager and Senior Legal Counsel. Giacomo will use his expertise in cross-border restructuring and insolvency transactions to develop strategic, non-recourse financing solutions for clients throughout Italy and around the globe.
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Omni Bridgeway continues US expansion with new operations in Miami and Chicago

We are continuing our US expansion with the addition of investment managers and office heads Maryanne Woo in Chicago and Lauren Alexander in Miami. Also joining in Miami is Enrique Molina as investment manager. With their experience in complex commercial litigation and local market expertise, we are thrilled to provide on-the-ground resources in two of the fastest growing legal markets in the country.
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Omni Bridgeway announces EMEA leadership and investment management promotions in Amsterdam and London

Omni Bridgeway is pleased to announce the appointment of Hannah van Roessel as Co-Chief Investment Officer – EMEA, and the promotions of Kees de Visser and Alistair Croft.
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Case Studies

In Singapore's first funded commercial litigation, Omni Bridgeway assists an artist to recover revenue

Omni Bridgeway is funding a talented interdisciplinary artist and her design studio to gain a declaration of copyright ownership in Singapore in respect of high quality photographs they produced of a number of luxury hotels and, through proceedings in the US, seek damages for their extensive infringement on a variety of third party commercial websites over the last decade.

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An infrastructure construction company turns to Omni Bridgeway

Our client, an infrastructure construction company, concluded an agreement with an African state (via its Ministry for Works) to rehabilitate a roadway between two major cities.

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Major Japanese trading house recovers its debt in full from Mexican steel company AHMSA

We funded a US$8.75 million claim by a major Japanese trading house, who found themselves in a dispute with Mexican steel company AHMSA (Altos Hornos de Mexico S.A) after AHMSA entered administration and failed to pay for Roll Grinding equipment.

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Multi-jurisdictional enforcement claims for German construction firm against Ukrainian football club

We conducted a multi-jurisdictional enforcement for a German construction conglomerate against a Ukrainian professional Football Club.

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Turkish construction company turns to Omni Bridgeway to recover debts from Uzbekistan government

Having exhausted all avenues to enforce a favorable Award and recover monies owed by a parastatal of the Republic of Uzbekistan an exasperated Turkish construction company turned to Omni Bridgeway to devise and execute a recovery plan.

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Enforcement of international arbitration award against a Eurasian state

Our clients invested in the development of an oil pipeline in a Eurasian State. Following a dispute between them and the State, they sought arbitration in the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and were awarded two Awards totaling US$100 million to be paid by the State.

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